Mortgage Costs Up, But Incomes Increase Too

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Discover how private lending mortgage rates compare to other lenders and what potential borrowers need to know before securing a loan in April 2023. With expert advice and process information, private lenders can help make the mortgage process easier.

U.S. Housing Market Sees Decline in Spring Inventory

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Uncover the truth behind the latest mortgage industry news. Get the relevant facts without the hype from an experienced mortgage industry expert. Discover why inventory levels fell and how new listing data also dropped week-over-week, without missing a beat on the values or trends.

Freddie Mac revamps downpayment assistance with NewRez program

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NewRez Launches Special Purpose Credit Program - $3K+ Closing Cost Assistance to First-Time Homebuyers. NewRez, in partnership with Freddie Mac, is now providing qualifying first-time homebuyers with closing cost assistance of $3,000 or more. Enjoy improved affordability and get the help you need before taking the first step towards homeownership.

FHFA Interview on LLPA Modifications Revealed

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Specially tailored for private lenders, this exclusive HousingWire Daily podcast brings to the listeners an insightful conversation with Michael Shemi, principal advisor in FHFA’s Division of Housing and Mission Goals. Listen to what Mr. Shemi has to share on the current state and future outlook of the mortgage industry.

Senators Propose Bill to Increase Rural Home Affordability

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This new proposed bill seeks to reform the USDA's rural housing programs, making them more efficient, cutting red tape, and expanding the supply of affordable housing. Learn more about how this legislation could help provide more secure housing options for everyone.

Mortgage Agent Commissions Remain High Despite Challenges.

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Private lenders are facing difficult times as real estate agents are gaining market share and commission rates are rising. How is the real estate market responding to one of the toughest periods of affordability in years? Discover the impact of this dynamic force on the private lending industry.

Nominate Top Women Mortgage Professionals for 2023 Women of Influence

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This meta description can help you nominate a female leader in the housing industry—a client, colleague, boss or friend, and even you! Get recognition for the accomplishments and achievements of a respected leader in the mortgage and housing industry and help her reach her goals without any dates.

Mortgage Expert: CFPB Rule Change on LO Compensation Supported by CHLA

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This CHLA letter outlines their case for increased flexibility in loan originator compensation; get informed on the key issues involved and how it could impact private lenders. Discover how the proposed changes could change the loan origination landscape and learn the necessary steps to keep up.

in April Spring Inventory Increase Bolsters U.S. Housing Market

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"Buying a home this spring? Don't fret - the fear of not having an increase in housing inventory is unfounded. Mortgage industry expert provides reliable details on the latest market numbers and what it means for you."

Will the LIVE Act Ease Mortgage Burden for Homebuyers?

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The LIVE Act offers promising possibilities for homebuyers to cut down on mortgage costs. Learn about the impact of this legislation and how it could benefit your pockets. Get all the facts here!

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