report Rent Increase of 3.3% in June: CoreLogic Report

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Single-family rental growth slows in June - Rent prices increased by 3.3% across the US, the smallest year-over-year change since Autumn 2020. Get the latest news on the US rental market from a Private Lender expert.

Mortgage Market on Upward Trend as Fed Chair Powell Predicts Rebound

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An experienced mortgage professional offers insights on Federal Housing Market insights. Fed Chair Jerome Powell reports a rise in the housing market and continued caution regarding future rate decisions. Get the inside scoop and gain actionable insight to make the best decisions.

AmeriFirst Financial, Mortgage Lender, Files for Bankruptcy

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AmeriFirst Financial Inc. recently filed for bankruptcy, just two months after re-launching its forward mortgage origination business. Learn how the financial industry has been impacted by this unexpected collapse and how it affects lenders both public and private. Get the inside scoop and find out what's next.

Trade groups caution risks of unintended consequences from proposed AVM rules.

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MBA and CBA experts agree: Automated Valuation Models (AVMs) can mitigate the appraiser shortage, reduce costs, and protect against bias, but principled regulation is essential. Find out why AVMs are the way forward for private lenders.

Agents Succeed When They Get Smart About the Market: Tom Ferry

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Successful real estate agents are setting their sights on the future of the market, emphasizing the need to understand the current trends to best prepare for the upcoming years. Tom Ferry, the Founder of Tom Ferry International, spoke with us recently about his insights [...]

36 Real Estate Brokers Make Inc. 5000 List

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"Are you a real estate brokerage firm or team looking for a mortgage lender? In 2022, Over 60 companies made the Inc. 5000 list, but this number shrank drastically to only 36 in 2023. Discover the resource options available to you from a trusted mortgage industry expert."

Mortgage Rates Rise Along With US Yields

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"Mortgage rates continue to be influenced by the U.S. bond yields, which have hit their highest level since 2008. Analysts remain confident that the current turbulence in the market will not cause a debt crisis. Private lenders need to stay informed of the latest news and current trends in the industry in order to make educated decisions about mortgage rate investments."

Construction Firm & Agent Squeeze in Phoenix Due to Building Restrictions

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The Arizona drought has caused concern among residential builders and agents: Phoenix is no longer issuing building permits in certain areas. Discover how the lack of permits affects the private lending sector. Learn how lenders can help ease the strain in these challenging times.

Finance Watchdogs to Combat Real Estate Money Laundering

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Dynamic and compelling meta description for private lenders to stay informed: Uncover the truth about anonymous luxury home purchases in the U.S., as the Treasury Department looks to end these transactions in the near future. Read on to learn why it matters to private lenders.

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