Mortgage Rates Hold Steady This Week

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This week, Freddie Mac's data showed the 30-year fixed mortgage rate was little changed as investors evaluated Federal Reserve Board chairman Jerome Powell's latest stance on rate increases. Uncover key insights on what this could mean for private lenders as they assess investment opportunities in a changing mortgage market.

AI’s Influence on Mortgage Sector

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An SEO meta description for private lenders that's interesting yet clinical and non-salesy: "Unlock the potential of a secure, streamlined mortgage process with Artificial Intelligence. Discover the practical uses of AI in the mortgage industry today and why it could be worth the wait."

Home Sales Stay Strong Despite Recession Fears

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Logan Mohtashami, real estate and mortgage industry expert, examines why new home sales have increased 20% YoY despite existing home sales dropping 20%. Learn how this trend will affect private lenders in the near future.

Summit Suzy Lindblom, Arc Home COO, to Speak at HW Annual Summit

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This 155-character meta description focuses on the benefits of attending HW Annual: Connect with professionals in the housing economy, learn how to grow, innovate, and win market share, & be part of the capstone mortgage event. Connect with industry experts & experience the power of learning at the most comprehensive mortgage event.

process Digitization & preserving the human element: The COO of Legend Lending speaks up

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Be the first to recognize their achievements. Recognize the behind-the-scenes mortgage professionals making a huge impact on their organizations and get noticed by unlocking the world of HW Insiders. Join now to be the first to celebrate their success.

Planet Closes $10B MSR Deal in Acquisition Mode

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Planet Home Lending is a one stop shop for private lenders with its latest MSR deal, soaring past the $90 billion mark. Now offering a suite of programs with competitive rates & comprehensive services, PH is the top choice for loan products tailored to individual needs.

Loan Store introduces expedited Home Equity Line of Credit in Multiple States

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Get a HELOC in days, not weeks with low-rates and flexible repayment terms from TLS.

Housing Starts Surge as Builders Meet Strong Demand

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"Housing starts and permit applications both rose in May at the highest rate since 2016, signifying a strong response from builders as consumer demand for housing increases. See the data to find out why the outlook for the housing industry is so positive."

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