Seller Impersonation Fraud Harms Homeownership in U.S.

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An informative and eye-catching Meta Description: "Protect yourself from becoming a victim of Seller Impersonation Fraud. Learn what it is and how to guard against it in the mortgage industry - discover our best tips for keeping yourself and your finances safe!"

Seattle-area residents lost billions in wealth due to racist housing policies: Study

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This expert report examines the policies that have depressed wealth for people of color pre-1889 and proposes new strategies for private lenders to consider. Learn the history of these predicaments through an in-depth analysis of the socioeconomic disparities and how to move forward.

U.S. Foreclosure Activity Increases in Early 2023

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Discover how foreclosure filings soared in the first half of 2023 and how this affected the US housing market. Learn more about the effects this high rate of defaults had on private US lenders and the overall US economy.

Corp Mortgage Investment Trust Challenges Western Asset Mortgage Capital Corp.

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AG Mortgage Investment Trust, Inc. is in a dispute with Terra Property Trust, Inc. for control of Western Asset Mortgage Capital Corp. Investigate the latest news to get an understanding of the implications for private lenders.

sees continued interest in refis MCT reports June refi rate lock volume rose by 31%

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"Learn how June's mortgage rates dropped to record lows amid loan production decline. Discover how the current private lending market could benefit from these rates and figure out the best way to take advantage of the market today!"

mortgage rates Mortgage Rates Fall Following Housing Market Inventory Shocks

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Discover how the US housing market is in a savagely unhealthy state: weekly active and new listings were down across the board from the week before and the year prior. Learn more about the concerning effects of the current private loan market.

for fifth straight month Inventory Shortage Continues: Fifth Month in a Row With YoY Decrease

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Get a comprehensive overview of the mortgage industry's changes due to housing inventory data. Understanding the Mortgage Industry's Evolution in Light of Historic Low Housing Inventory - Get an overview of the mortgage industry's 2020 results: Learn why active listings have increased 30,940 in 2022, while this year only 5,848 listings have been recorded. A must-read for private lenders.

Pending Home Sales Slow in May Despite Continued Demand

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"Discover how the current housing market is standing up to sluggish pending contract signings. Lawrence Yun, NAR's chief economist reveals 3 offers for each listing and shares his insights into the resiliency of the market. Get the facts and insights you need as a private lender today!"

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