Pending Home Sales Rise in June, first Increase in 3 Months

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Pending Home Sales Recover in June: National Association of Realtors Report shows continued progress despite previous downturns. Gain insight from mortgage industry expert on how this affects private lenders in the housing market.

Mr. Cooper’s Q2 Servicing Business Profit soars to $142M

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An innovative mortgage provider, Mr. Cooper, reports dramatic increase in income from first quarter of 2021. Learn more about their financial success story and see what others in the industry are saying.

2022 Single-family Home Shifts: Smaller, Taller, & Off-Site

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Home buyers now have an alternativie to traditional home purchase once larger builders shift focus. Private lenders can tap into this new market and gain access to potential buyers as rates, financing costs and demand soften. Discover the new opportunities in this unique real estate market.

Q2 Net Income of $19M Report by Anywhere Real Estate

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"Private lenders face a challenging market as Anywhere Real Estate reports a 78% annual drop in net income. Gain insight on how the industry should react and prepare to ride out the storm while inventory remains limited."

Integration of FirstClose & Calyx looks to expedite HELOC closings.

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This integration between FirstClose and Calyx Software will revolutionize the origination and closing process for Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) and Home Equity Loan transactions. Learn how it will provide increased efficiencies and improved customer service for Private Lenders.

gains Inventory Gains Upbeat News for Housing Market

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This week's housing inventory increase is good news, but we need more. Discover how recent inventory increases point to larger trends in the housing market and what we can do to prevent a seasonal decline in private lending.

Existing home market continues to struggle.

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This meta description focuses on the current challenges for the existing home sales market. It outlines the difficulty with growing sales, despite the availability of favorable 7% mortgage rates. Expert mortgage industry thoughts and solutions are provided for readers.

Existing Home Sales Declined, Median Sale Price Saw Increase

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See how skyrocketing mortgage rates are impacting the housing market from an industry expert. Gain insights and analysis into what trends to expect and how to make the most of the market today.

Mortgage Lenders Slowly Adjust to Market Changes

2023-07-19T08:06:01-07:00loan servicing for private money lenders, private lender servicing|

Discover who among mortgage experts will survive and thrive this year: a comprehensive M&A report offering actionable insights into the private lending market for mortgage professionals.

in response to COVID-19 US Bank Lays Off Mortgage Employees Amid COVID-19 Crisis.

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"Learn more about the staffing changes U.S. Bank, one of the nation's leading mortgage lenders, is undergoing. Get the facts on how this shift affects the future of mortgage finance and what it could mean for you."

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