MG Properties Acquires Denver Apartment Complex for $76M

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As a mortgage industry expert, I provide insightful summaries on industry news. Discover how MG Properties' recent acquisition of a Denver apartment community for $76 million reflects their confidence in the city's economic growth potential. Read more on Weekly Real Estate News.

Safeguarding Private Lenders Against Widespread Mortgage Fraud

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Private lenders play a crucial role in the financial ecosystem, aiding borrowers who don't qualify for traditional investment property loans. However, their flexibility can unintentionally expose them to higher risks, such as mortgage fraud. Learn how to protect yourself from deceit and misrepresentation in the mortgage industry.

Scammers leveraging AI for real estate fraud

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Stay updated on the latest industry news: Fraudsters are adopting AI to mimic voices, posing an increased risk of fraud through voicemails and emails, warns expert.

Mortgage rates have returned to 7% after a long awaited period.

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Stay up-to-date with the mortgage industry: Explore the latest as mortgage rates decline and the 10-year Treasury yield falls below 4.2% for the first time in months. Ideal for private lenders.

Jennifer Young, Esq., achieves partnership promotion at Geraci Law Firm.

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Jennifer Young, Esq., promoted to Partner at Geraci Law Firm. Exciting growth opportunities for private lenders in 2024. Learn more here.

CHLA offers support for attorney opinion letters to FHFA

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Discover how attorney opinion letters could potentially enhance housing affordability, according to the Community Home Lenders Association (CHLA) in their letter to the FHFA. Gain insights for private lenders.

Pennymac introduces innovative home equity loan solution for broker partners.

2023-12-05T14:21:54-08:00private lender servicing, private mortgage servicing|

Discover a new home equity loan product by Pennymac TPO. Learn about the expanding tappable home equity market and its potential for private lenders.

FGMC’s Closure and Former Employees Pursue $1.75M Settlement for WARN Act Suit

2023-12-05T12:15:28-08:00private lender loan servicing, private mortgage servicing|

Former employees of the now defunct FGMC seek $1.75M settlement in WARN Act lawsuit, urging Delaware bankruptcy judge to resolve the matter. Interesting news for private lenders.

Discounted Florida Property Sparks Interest in High-End Market

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Get the latest news on the discounted listing of Florida's priciest property, 10 Tarpon Isle. Priced at $187.5 million, it's a great opportunity for private lenders.

Success in the Mortgage Industry: The Crucial Role of Automated Change Management

2023-12-04T13:55:20-08:00private lender loan servicing, private mortgage servicing companies|

"Discover strategic insights for private lenders in the mortgage industry, including the importance of automation for success."

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