Mortgage Rates Climbing Amid Debt Ceiling Debate

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Experience the mortgage industry news of the week as lawmakers continue to debate the debt limit impasse, resulting in an overall increase in current mortgage rates. Grab up-to-date information you can trust from an industry expert, the go-to source for private lenders.

Maximizing Wholesale Brokers’ Success: Challenges & Solutions

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Recently Found Out How Wholesale Broking Can Be Improved - Aaron Drago, Expert Mortgage Industry Consultant, Reveals Secrets To Streamlining Process. Discover the new and improved techniques for offering favorable outcomes in mortgage lending without sacrificing customer satisfaction.

Mortgage Rates Remain Steady: Analysis from Freddie Mac

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Stay up-to-date on the mortgage market with the latest from Freddie Mac: Rates have remained sideways at the 6% mark, meaning opportunities are out there to take advantage of the low interest rates. Get the insight you need to make the best decision for your financial future as a private lender.

Generations Exploring Homebuying & Investing Trends

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"Discover how Lili Thompson, renowned real estate investor, is reshaping traditional approaches to homebuying and investing in this exclusive interview with Kristin Messerli. Learn the up-and-coming strategies used by private lenders and stay ahead of the game!"

Women Executives Reveal Keys to Success

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This year, honor the women who have made a difference in the mortgage and real estate industry. Celebrate those who have been a pillar of strength, a champion of progress, and a leader in innovation. Turn to the industry's recognize shining stars who are instrumental in driving the success of mortgage and real estate. Discover the women making a lasting impact in the industry today.

LoanDepot Suffers Loss in Q1 Despite Signs of Improvement

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"California-based lender loanDepot has reported a second consecutive quarter of improved profit margin and revenue growth. 2019 Q1 results reveal that despite being in the red, loanDepot remain in a sound financial position thanks to their prudent financial management."

Bank Flagstar’s EVP Discusses Company’s Future with NYCB, Signature Bank

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Flagstar Bank’s Lee Smith Explains Business Model in Effort to Further Private Lender Impact: Inside the Michigan HQ of a Major Exec's Plans. Get the Full Story Now.

2023 Housing Market in Conflict with Itself

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Learn why private lenders can play a key role in helping to sustain those pockets of varying market conditions. It's never an easy conversation when talking about national housing market conditions, however, this year will likely present unique challenges for private lenders. Explore how their capabilities and expertise can help sustain market conditions in various pockets across the country.

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