How Private Lenders Navigate State Privacy Regulations

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Discover the ins and outs of quickly navigating US State privacy laws for private lenders. Get up to date with the 11 states that already have enacted privacy legislation, and what private lenders need to know. With this guide, private lenders can feel confident taking on the legal challenges of navigating state privacy laws.

Valligent Partners with ICE Mortgage Technology’s Encompass Platform

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"Valligent, a leading appraisal management company, announced a significant advancement Thursday with its integration with the ICE Mortgage Technology platform, Encompass. This integration promises improved accuracy and efficiency for private lenders - so they can get you into your home faster." Suffers $90M Net Loss in Q1

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"Discover how experienced a net loss of $89.9M and had to reduce its workforce by 91%, due to a decline in production. Learn how private lenders can respond to such changes in the mortgage industry."

Homepoint takes correspondent lenders to court over $4.6M

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"Homepoint, once a leading provider of mortgage products, is taking legal action against several correspondent lenders. Find out what Homepoint claims the lenders have done & what industry insiders think of the case."

for fifth straight month Inventory Shortage Continues: Fifth Month in a Row With YoY Decrease

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Get a comprehensive overview of the mortgage industry's changes due to housing inventory data. Understanding the Mortgage Industry's Evolution in Light of Historic Low Housing Inventory - Get an overview of the mortgage industry's 2020 results: Learn why active listings have increased 30,940 in 2022, while this year only 5,848 listings have been recorded. A must-read for private lenders.

. FHA Raises Multifamily Loan Limit

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Stay on top of the latest mortgage industry news with an expert summary from a knowledgeable and unbiased source. Learn how the FHA threshold, previously unimproved for nearly 10 years, is now being reviewed each year for potential increases. Get an in-depth, non-salesy overview of the private lending landscape today.

Pending Home Sales Slow in May Despite Continued Demand

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"Discover how the current housing market is standing up to sluggish pending contract signings. Lawrence Yun, NAR's chief economist reveals 3 offers for each listing and shares his insights into the resiliency of the market. Get the facts and insights you need as a private lender today!"

LoanDepot takes legal action against Movement for unauthorized recruitment of loan officers.

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"LoanDepot accuses Movement Mortgage of damaging its business by 'effectively crippling' its 'now-depleted' branches. Discover the full story and the implications for the mortgage industry from mortgage experts."

Fix-and-Flip Investors Fill Gaps in Housing Markets: Report

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New Western wanted to find out more about the motivations and strategies of these investors, known as ‘fix-and-flip’ investors. "Discover the motivations & strategies of 'fix-and-flip' investors with insights from survey results by real estate marketplace New Western. Learn how 80% of these investors are selling their single-family homes at or above asking prices after renovating them for habitability."

Home Sales Stay Strong Despite Recession Fears

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Logan Mohtashami, real estate and mortgage industry expert, examines why new home sales have increased 20% YoY despite existing home sales dropping 20%. Learn how this trend will affect private lenders in the near future.

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