2022 Single-family Home Shifts: Smaller, Taller, & Off-Site

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Home buyers now have an alternativie to traditional home purchase once larger builders shift focus. Private lenders can tap into this new market and gain access to potential buyers as rates, financing costs and demand soften. Discover the new opportunities in this unique real estate market.

Sales of Master-Planned Communities Rise in H1 2023

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Discover the Best-Selling Communities of 2023 in The Villages, FL & Lakewood Ranch. Find out why these two master-planned communities have seen soaring sales, with The Villages leading the way at 1,960 total sales YTD. Learn their strategies & success stories.

Q2 Net Income of $19M Report by Anywhere Real Estate

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"Private lenders face a challenging market as Anywhere Real Estate reports a 78% annual drop in net income. Gain insight on how the industry should react and prepare to ride out the storm while inventory remains limited."

Realtors: Discover New Opportunities with Expired Listings

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As a real estate professional, problem-solving is key to helping motivated sellers navigate the real estate market and sell their homes. Homeowners who cannot seem to sell their homes may simply not understand the factors that are causing their lack of success. Acting as [...]

Mortgage Market Survey Home Prices Decrease: FHFA Mortgage Market Survey

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Discover which regions saw an increase or decrease in US home prices in May. Learn how the HPI impacts lenders and homeowners across the country, and how to manage mortgages in a volatile market.

? The Rise of the Team Model in Real Estate Brokerage

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Many brokerages are turning to a teamerage model which provides larger margins while still offering customers great value. Learn how this model offers advantages to brokers, from improved efficiency to new development and growth prospects. Jump in to discover the potential of this rewarding business model.

Delmar Mortgage launches Freddie Mac’s BorrowSmart Access Program.

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"Delmar Mortgage now offers its customers access to the BorrowSmart Access program in partnership with Freddie Mac! Home loan seekers can now take advantage of the cutting-edge technology and convenience of this program to help find the best mortgage for their unique needs. Get in touch with Delmar Mortgage today and let them help you get connected with a better home loan!"

Homebuyers gain little relief as mortgage rates drop 18 bps.

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Effective mortgage rates fall to 6.78%, biggest weekly drop in months - inventory depleting fast! Get the 411 on the relief it's providing to homebuyers & what you should know to stay one step ahead.

Go Mortgage Sues Ex Capital Markets Dir for Corporate Sabotage

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Former Capital Markets Director Sued for Costly "Corporate Sabotage" by Private Lender Go Mortgage. Details of the lawsuit alleging egregious acts of deception that cost the lender millions of dollars. Learn more now about this shocking case.

Builders face challenges in housing starts: Results come in lower than expected.

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Discover what the decline in housing starts means for private lenders in this insightful industry review.

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