FHFA Halts Credit Transition After Industry Worries

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"Increase your knowledge of the mortgage industry: Get the facts on the proposed update to credit score requirements from the FHFA! Explore the private lending implications of the proposed credit score requirements transformation and bi-merge model changes in a public comment period."

EasyKnock Buys Home Maintenance Company Onder

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"Residential sale-leaseback platform EasyKnock continues to make strides in the proptech industry, now acquiring startup Onder. Get insight into the latest investment from a mortgage industry expert and find out how this move makes EasyKnock a leader in proptech for private lenders.

Michael Eising Honored with Ken Markison Legacy Achievement Award

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Michael Eising, Vice President and Mortgage Compliance Manager at Merchants Bank of Indiana, honored with the MBA's Ken Markison Legacy Achievement award. Learn about his career and inspiring work as a private lender and a leader in the mortgage industry.

Letter From Lawyer Sheds Light on NAR Harassment Probe

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A top lawyer’s July letter suggests private lenders should beware of "creepy" and "disrespectful" behavior at the National Association of Realtors. An outside counsel's investigation has revealed a history of misconduct, bringing into question the NAR's ability to protect the interests of private lenders. Learn what action has been taken in this scandalous situation.

MBA Highlights Need to Ensure long-term Availability of Flood Insurance

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"In this letter, the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) calls on the Senate Banking Committee to take action on issues related to availability of flood insurance. Learn more about this pressing issue and what steps the MBA's urging senators to take to address it."

FHA Helps Make Government-Backed Mortgages Easier to Obtain

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Constructing an SEO meta title and description for this article utilizes the recommended methods from SEOMOZ: Meta Title: Private Lenders Benefit From FHA Waiver Meta Description: Simplifying the process for FHA-insured mortgage financing, a new waiver issued by the agency is designed to increase accessibility without unneeded red tape. With this waiver, private lenders gain more opportunities for profitable investments.

Real Estate Consolidation: Exploring Opportunities

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"Stay informed of the trend of large and small firms in the mortgage industry by reading summaries written by an industry expert. Learn how to protect yourself against a downturn and gain insight for successful private lending with these informative summaries written by a subject matter expert. Make sure that your investments are well placed and make decisions confidently."

CoreLogic and Restb.ai Introduce AI Tools to Fourth-Largest MLS

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This meta description summary introduces CoreLogic and Restb.ai's new venture to provide a package of AI tools to the 4th largest MLS in the USA. Learn how this joint venture will help to transform the real estate industry through AI-enhanced technology solutions.

How Mortgage Automation Helps Businesses, According to Tim Bowler.

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Q&A with Tim Bowler, president of ICE Mortgage Technology: Discover the automated technology behind the company's mortgage strategy. Learn how automation can make life easier for lenders and customers. Uncover the innovative solutions ICE Mortgage Technology offers. Find out the benefits of mortgage automation.

Mortgage Rates Decrease Despite Remaining at 22-Year High

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Mortgage rates moved lower modestly after job openings declined in July, leaving them below pre-pandemic levels. Despite this, they still remain above average, providing an opportunity for private lenders to capitalize on higher demand.

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