Mortgage Banking Struggles Demand Unified Platform Growth for Blend

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"Gain control of all lending needs with Blend Builder. This unified platform offers personalized loans, credit cards, car loans, student loans and mortgages to help private lenders stay ahead in the ever-evolving mortgage industry."

. Mortgage Market Experiences Increased Home Inventory Levels.

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Celebrating the strength of real estate, summarize the current market with this meta description. This week's mortgage market continues to impress with 2% increases in home inventory across the board. Homebuyers are responding to the highest mortgage rates in more than 20 years, evidencing the strength of the real estate market. A great time for private lenders to get a piece of the action!

Equifax Cuts Underwriting Time with IRIS Software

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"Equifax's innovative digital verification tool is now available to an extra one million US small business employees through IRIS Payroll Relief software. Revolutionize your payroll process and get rid of paperwork, eliminating time-consuming manual processes to save time and resources."

Curinos and Polly Partner to Improve Lender Efficiency

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Discover how Polly's data-driven insights can help private lenders optimize their customer profiles. Leverage advanced analytics and up-to-date information to make informed, profitable decisions.

Moody’s Predicts Modest Impact of Student Loan Payments on Mortgages

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With Oct. 1 approaching, 24 million federal student loan borrowers need to understand how repayment will affect their credit report. Find out what steps to take to minimize consequences and maximize positive outcomes.

Mortgage Rates Near Yearly High of 7.49%.

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This week saw mortgage rates across the US surge, pushing them close to the yearly high. On average, mortgage rates began the week at 7.28%, peaked at 7.47%, and closed at 7.39%. Get current rates and expert advice to make the best decision for your home loan.

Pending Home Sales Slump as Interest Rates Cling to High Levels

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"High mortgage rates and home prices put downward pressure on pending-home sales, however new listings indicate future performance may improve. Redfin's analysis provides insight into the state of the housing market and options for private lenders."

Housing Market Stagnant Despite Fed Rates Holding

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Until interest rates come down, the affordability crisis is putting pressure on the US housing market. Housing experts are warning of the impacts of high rates and the difficulty for borrowers to secure good deals. Learn more about how private lenders are helping to buck the trend.

Compare Housing Market Performance: Booms and Busts

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This summary covers the current housing market according to a recent report from CoreLogic. It explains how western states are experiencing annual declines while Midwestern and Northeastern states are still thriving. Learn more about this house price index and what it means for mortgage lending in those areas.

Execs Discuss Transition from Black Knight, Innovation in Mortgage Tech Sector

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Dark Matter Technologies recently acquired Black Knight Origination Technologies, promising no rise in price to customers. Get an expert review of the deal and its implications for private lenders, direct from an industry insider.

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