Real Estate is Becoming a Lifestyle Market: nSkope Report

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Found families with children under 24 years old and living at home were driving a large portion of predicted listings for the first half of 2023. According to The nSkope Predictive Analytics Report, 35% of confirmed listings for January-July 2023 came from this demographic. Get an in-depth look at the numbers in nSkope's comprehensive report featuring an analysis of 360 MSAs and 301,314 confirmed listings.

Fannie Mae Raises LTV Ratios for Multi-Unit Property Purchases, Cash-Out Refis

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"Fannie Mae announced an update to LTV ratios, increasing access to credit to expand opportunities & support for rental housing. Find out more & how this works with private lenders today!"

Lawmakers Push for Title Ins. Requirement on GSE-Backed Loans

2023-10-04T11:45:45-07:00private mortgage loan servicing companies, private mortgage servicing companies|

This article covers the proposed changes to the charters of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Learn about the legislative development and potential impact on all private lenders. Get informed about the ongoing legislative process, which could drastically alter the mortgage industry.

First Savings Bank Announces Reduction of Over 100 Mortgage Positions Across Numerous States

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Indiana-based First Savings Bank plans to lay off over 100 mortgage employees in the coming months. Learn how this reorganization affects the private lender industry and what it means for its employees. Get expert insights from a leading mortgage industry expert.

Mortgage Applications Drop as Rates Reach 23-Year Peak

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Mortgage applications have ground to a halt as mortgage rates skyrocket. With activity levels now at its lowest in decades, it's a tough time to be a private lender. See how mortgage rates affect your options and how you can still find the best deals.

Pandemic Reshapes Brokerages, Agents, Landlords, & Homebuilders

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"Newly released 2021 data from the U.S. Census Bureau has shed light on how the Covid-19 pandemic impacted homebuilders, landlords, agents and other real estate professionals in the past year. Learn how the business landscape altered for private lenders and stay informed on the current state of the industry."

Justice Dept. Weighs In On Nosalek Commissions Dispute.

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This Department of Justice motion provides insight into how private lenders can position themselves when it comes to buyer-broker commission suits. Learn more about the implications of the DOJ's motion on private lenders and their rights in a non-salesy, up to date explainer.

Rising Inventory Pushes Home Prices Lower

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This week, watch mortgage industry expert Mike Simonsen explain the increase in housing inventory and why it's unlikely home prices will crash. Learn how current market data can help private lenders make informed decisions. Get the info you need to make informed decisions as a private lender.

Florida Bankers Association appoints Kathy Kraninger as CEO.

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The Florida Bankers Association has chosen Kathy Kraninger, former CFPB Director during the Trump administration, to lead their organization. Gain valuable insight into the new leadership provded by the experienced mortgage industry expert. Get the facts you need to make more informed decisions concerning private lenders.

CoStar Accuses Online Marketplace Tech of Trade Secret Theft by Former Homesnap Employees

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This dispute between CoStar and former Homesnap employees focuses on the alleged theft of trade secrets. Learn what CoStar is accusing Homesnap of and its potential implications for the mortgage industry from an industry expert.

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