Fannie Mae Guidance on Low-Income Refinancing Released

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See how you can get the most out of Fannie Mae's RefiNow to save money for lower-income borrowers. Get the full story on income eligibilty, repayment terms, repayment options, and more. Help bring affordability and security to your finances with RefiNow.

Summit Suzy Lindblom, Arc Home COO, to Speak at HW Annual Summit

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This 155-character meta description focuses on the benefits of attending HW Annual: Connect with professionals in the housing economy, learn how to grow, innovate, and win market share, & be part of the capstone mortgage event. Connect with industry experts & experience the power of learning at the most comprehensive mortgage event.

FHFA Bi-Merge Credit Transition Challenges ‘Immense’ – Housing Orgs Weigh In.

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"17 housing organizations are calling on the FHFA to grant more time for the bi-merge credit transition to address existing difficulties. Get the full story from a Mortgage Industry expert about the implications for private lenders."

Mid-Atlantic: 2nd Home & Investment Properties Becoming Hot Sellers

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"Looking to invest in the Mid-Atlantic region? May's data reveals that second homes and investment properties made up 32% of real estate sales. Meanwhile, move-up buyers accounted for only 11% of sales - discover which types of properties are best for you."

Is the Housing Market Recovery Complete?

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"Recent jumps in housing starts and builders' confidence suggest that the housing recession may have come to an end. Learn more about what this new trend means for private lenders and those interested in today's real estate market."

Truist Names David Smith Next Head of Mortgage Business

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David Smith is an experienced mortgage industry specialist offering expertise in mortgage lending, insurance and title services. With over 15 years of professional experience, he is a dependable asset for both private and corporate clients looking for comprehensive and reliable mortgage solutions.

HUD Proposes New Rules in Spring Agenda

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This meta description provides insight into mortgage industry news relevant to private lenders. Gain knowledge of key topics such as borrower communications, fair housing and ways to access HUD programs that are designed to provide assistance. Get the latest information here without the commitment and hassle of researching multiple sources.

. Homebuilding Shows Positive Momentum

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Homebuilder confidence is at a 11-month high thanks to strong consumer demand, a dearth of existing inventory, and improved supply chain efficiency. Gain insight on the latest industry news, and find out why now is the optimal time for private lenders to take advantage of favorable mortgage conditions.

CFPB to Explore Streamlining Mortgage Servicing Rules

2023-06-16T03:59:32-07:00loan servicing for private money lenders, loan servicing private lenders|

The CFPB seeks to create simplification of servicing rules, for the purpose of increased agility from servicers. Learn more in this summary of the CFPB Director's words from a private lending industry expert.

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