JPMorgan to Purchase Nearly $2B of Mortgages from PacWest Deal

2023-07-28T14:02:48-07:00private loan servicing company, private mortgage servicing companies|

Discover how JPMorgan Chase is partnering with private lenders to buy $1.8 Billion of residential loans with potential savings for these lenders. Learn about this innovative agreement and why it could bring significant benefits for private lenders.

Real Estate Agents Should Prioritize Serving Their Community

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Agents can make a positive contribution to their local community by volunteering with organizations that provide assistance to the homeless, organize neighborhood cleanups, or spearhead education initiatives. Make a meaningful difference in your local community today and get involved!

Closing Delayed but Loan Documents Updated: What Is the Next Step?

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Meta Description: Discover how to successfully navigate the tricky situation when loan documents are dated for this month but the closing gets delayed until next month. Get expert advice and solutions for lenders to help make sure your transactions close on time.

New Bank Rules Tighten Mortgage Lending Rules

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This meta title explains the potential impacts of a residential mortgage portfolio regulation proposal on the domestic banking industry. With this in mind, find out how private lenders could be affected by unanticipated changes to international standards. Discover the implications that this could have on trade groups and the wider economy.

Aurora to Decide on Merger with

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This meta description for private lenders provides an overview of key industry news regarding Better lost's Q1 2023 losses and their current position as the 59th largest mortgage lender in the U.S. Get insight into how one of the biggest mortgage lenders is managing the current market conditions, and learn what it could mean for the industry at large.

How Govt. Agencies Are Working to Shield Renters

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"From HUD, FHFA, CFPB and more, federal agencies are making it easier for renters to access affordable housing. Learn how they are tackling this challenge and what it means for the mortgage industry."

Fed Raises Rates in Positive Economic Climate

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This meta description provides an overview of the Federal Reserve's decision to raise the federal funds rate to the highest level in two decades. Expert analysis from a mortgage industry professional explains the potential implications for private lenders. Get informed on this major policy shift and how it may affect you.

Solving Homelessness: Achievable and Within Reach

2023-07-26T08:11:19-07:00private lender servicing, private mortgage servicing companies|

The Dallas Housing Authority has achieved incredible success by reducing homelessness across the city. Explore their latest success story and the techniques they are applying, all with an eye to ensuring more homeless individuals and families get the help they desperately need.

, 2020 Home Prices Increase Steadily Throughout May 2020

2023-07-25T10:43:37-07:00private mortgage loan servicing|

The housing market showed increasing promise in May, with buyers taking advantage of the dip in rates. With renewed demand, pressure on available inventory is increasing. Get the latest insights from one of the mortgage industry’s top experts and discover how this may impact home prices.

Riskier Housing Markets See Unprecedented Growth

2023-07-25T10:27:58-07:00loan servicing for private money lenders, private money loan servicing|

The cost of living is decreasing for many households as they move from more expensive areas to disaster-prone regions, such as California's wild-fire-prone areas. Discover the financial benefits of investing in these areas and what it could mean for private lenders. Get the facts now.

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