FHA Helps Make Government-Backed Mortgages Easier to Obtain

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Constructing an SEO meta title and description for this article utilizes the recommended methods from SEOMOZ: Meta Title: Private Lenders Benefit From FHA Waiver Meta Description: Simplifying the process for FHA-insured mortgage financing, a new waiver issued by the agency is designed to increase accessibility without unneeded red tape. With this waiver, private lenders gain more opportunities for profitable investments.

See How Airbnb Could Generate Income from Your Home.

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Discover how Airbnb integration on Realtor.com is giving homeowners an innovative way to gain an insight into potential rental income. With this tool, users can access pricing estimates for their short-term rental properties to maximize their profits. Don't miss out on this useful new resource.

Cerberus Capital to Purchase Spring EQ.

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"Cerberus Capital Management is a New York-based investment firm #looking towards the US market for growth in the #homeequity sector. With #demand on the rise, #Cerberus Capital seeks to seize opportunities and expand its presence in the #mortgage industry."

Introducing the HW Insiders of 2023

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"Discover the operations professionals of the 8th annual HW Insiders program, honored for their role in driving business success. From improved systems, protocols and technology, these 75 honorees are setting the foundation for their organizations' growth and prosperity."

Mortgage Rates Decrease Despite Remaining at 22-Year High

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Mortgage rates moved lower modestly after job openings declined in July, leaving them below pre-pandemic levels. Despite this, they still remain above average, providing an opportunity for private lenders to capitalize on higher demand.

Flat-Fee vs. Traditional Real Estate Brokerage – Who Wins?

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An experienced Mortgage Industry Expert provides private lenders with summaries of real estate news. Learn the importance of agents in the industry & understand how they impact brokerage success. Get the advice you need to succeed in a competitive market.

American Bank of Oklahoma Resolves Redlining Allegations with $1.5M Settlement.

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The American Bank of Oklahoma has recently reached a settlement with the Department of Justice after allegations of discriminatory redlining practices in the majority Black and Hispanic populated areas of Tulsa. Discover which areas of the city were affected and what steps the bank is taking to restore investment in these underserved communities.

Q2 Net Loss Widened to $45.5M Despite Better Reports

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Better saw strong growth in Q2 of 2020 with another increase in origination volume. With $900 million funded across 2,421 loans, lending activity was up compared to Q1 where $800 million across 2,347 loans was funded. Learn more about how the private lending industry has experienced growth.

Mortgage Rates Hinder Home Listings

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Discover the truth behind how recent higher mortgage rates have impacted new listings data. Uncover the surprising movements and impacts on new listings last week when the Fed spoke at Jackson Hole. Learn the effect purchase applications had and their possible connection to a decline in new data. Stay informed for the latest data and impact of higher mortgage rates.

Making Homeownership More Accessible to Diverse Groups

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Easily learn useful facts about Black homeownership rate with the help of our expert mortgage industry insights. "Gain insight into Black homeownership rate and understand the disparities between white, Asian, and Black households with the help of our mortgage industry expertise. Learn the facts you need to know to make informed decisions with useful industry insights from our experts."

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