Traverse City, Michigan Shines as the Focus of ‘The American Dream’

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Want expert insights on the Traverse City real estate market? Check out 'The American Dream' focusing on Traverse City, Michigan.

October Sees Acceleration in Home Prices, says Case-Shiller

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"Discover the latest report on the accelerated growth of U.S. home prices in October, according to S&P DJI's Brian D. Luke. Read more on Weekly Real Estate News."

Fidelity cyberattack exposes personal data of 1.3M customers

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As a mortgage industry expert, I provide insightful summaries of industry news to keep you informed. Discover how a prominent company assures private lenders against personal information fraud.

Home prices experience record annual growth in October

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Limited inventory in the real estate market creates investment opportunities for private lenders. Industry experts predict this trend to persist through 2024.

ICE emerges as leading player in mortgage technology industry

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Looking to stay ahead in the mortgage industry? Discover how ICE's strong presence and advancements in mortgage technology are reshaping the market.

Record Low Inventory of Homes for Sale in New York State

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Discover how New York State's real estate market continues to surge with rising median sales prices, making it an attractive opportunity for private lenders.

Camber Property Group provides latest developments on NYC projects.

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Discover the latest updates on affordable housing developments in The Bronx and Brooklyn. Stay informed with Weekly Real Estate News.

New Cybersecurity Attack Hits First American

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Industry sources report that First American, a leading mortgage company, experienced a cyber attack, causing system disruptions. Agents and lenders noted a few closing delays as a result. Stay informed.

Anticipated Moderate Thaw in the Mortgage Market

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As a mortgage industry expert, stay updated on promising housing market outlook for private lenders in the year ahead, offering relief and a small bounce towards a healthier market.

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