Homeowners Reap Rewards with COVID Refinance.

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"Rely on private lenders for refinancing without the hassle. During the 21-quarter period from Q2 2020 to Q4 2021, 14 million mortgages were refinanced – that's almost one-third of all outstanding mortgages. Get the peace of mind you need without long wait times."

Mortgage Rates Benefit from Positive CPI Report

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Learn about how to protect yourself from these events with private lenders. Find out about mortgage loan options for times when an ARM or fixed-rate loan just won't cut it. Discover how to get the best rates and structure from private lenders.

Encompass Gains Streamlined Loan Origin with Flueid Integration

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"Unlock new efficiencies in real estate technology with Flueid Decision's integration with Encompass by ICE Mortgage Technology. Get your next mortgage application approved faster with Flueid's patented platform, designed to save time while meeting lender needs."

FHFA Eliminates Controversial Debt-To-Income Loan Level Price Adjustments

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"The FHFA has taken a significant step to improve mortgage loans for conventional borrowers with a high debt-to-income ratio. Read on to learn how this will help borrowers navigate the often difficult process of getting a mortgage."

Mortgage Agent Commissions Remain High Despite Challenges.

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Private lenders are facing difficult times as real estate agents are gaining market share and commission rates are rising. How is the real estate market responding to one of the toughest periods of affordability in years? Discover the impact of this dynamic force on the private lending industry.

States Urge Elimination of LLPA Charge Amendments

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"Fiscal officers from 27 states are calling on the Biden Administration and the FHFA to scrap the changes to LLPA fees which could drastically impact private lenders. Find out how this proposed policy could affect you as an industry expert."

Maxwell Introduces Single Sign-On for Mortgage Lenders

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Maxwell helps lenders increase security & reduce data breaches risk with new SSO tool. Secure your data while easily connecting with other financial institutions & streamlining your private lending process. Trust in the fintech-backed institution trusted by Wells Fargo & Fin Capital.

JPMorgan Chase Buys First Republic Bank

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Dynamic and savvy lenders can benefit from the closing of the troubled First Republic Bank by JPMorgan Chase. With careful due diligence and the right financial moves, get the info needed to stay ahead of the game and maximize private lender investments.

DocMagic Enhances Library with ADA-Compliant Loan Documents

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The accessible digital documents from DocMagic provide disabled consumers the opportunity to participate in the broader mortgage market. The ADA-compliant documents are designed to unlock an array of options to give disabled consumers greater access to financial opportunities: convenience, speed, and reduced paperwork.

FHFA Director Mark Calabria Defends Recent LLPAs Changes, Advocates for Borrower Accessibility

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"FHFA Dir. Mark Calabria is fighting for better access to homeownership: learn how his recent LLPAs changes are helping borrowers own their future. Tune into today's discussion for more info!"

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