to the upside Surge in Purchase Apps Boosts Housing Market Expectations

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Mortgage rates near 7% last week didn't stop purchase applications from achieving an 8% week-to-week gain. Learn why the private mortgage industry is experiencing stable demand despite rising rates.

Below-Median Income Households Make Unexpected Homeownership Gains

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Family income households living below the national median are defying economic pressures to still achieve homeownership in the U.S. Learn how they are navigating through higher borrowing costs and home prices to realize the dream of becoming a homeowner.

Integration: SimpleNexus and Black Knight’s LOS Empower Connect

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The mortgage industry is moved forward with SimpleNexus and Empower integration. Stay informed and stay ahead with homebuying news & insights from the experts. Get the info you need to shape your homeownership journey with trusted mortgage insight from SimpleNexus and Empower.

Many Mortgage Pros Live Paycheck-to-Paycheck: Study Finds

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Take control of your finances and navigate the financial markets with expert advice from private lenders. Make smart decisions and secure a successful financial future today.

Comerica Bank to Exit Warehouse Lending

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"Dallas-based Comerica Bank is opting to exit the mortgage banker finance business following turbulence in the industry. Get the full story from an experienced mortgage industry expert and understand how this impacts private lenders."

Unravelling Commercial Lending: Exploring its Challenges and Variations.

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With private lending, investors can access reliable and secure funding with competitive terms – discover the complexities and nuances of private lending and real estate investing today.

–how it affects the mortgage industry The Impact of AOL on the Mortgage Industry

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This article looks at the ongoing debate over attorney opinion letters, and examines the unanswered questions from both sides of the argument. Get insights from an industry expert with extensive knowledge of mortgage regulations and implications for lenders.

Median earners can only afford quarter of available houses.

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This industry report provides insights into how housing shortages affect the availability of homes for all income levels and what private lenders should know. Discover how private lenders are responding to the housing shortage and what they can do to create affordable housing options for deserving families.

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