Stephen Sondheim’s NYC Townhome Sold for $7 Million.

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Two offers made on the NYC townhome listed in July. Stephen Sondheim’s property sold for the asking price of $7 million. Discover more in Weekly Real Estate News.

Ginnie Mae updates guidelines, revising definition of high-balance loans

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As an industry expert, I provide insightful summaries for mortgage-related news. Stay informed with the latest high-balance loan guidance by FHFA for private lenders.

Declining inventory boosts US home prices by 5.5% YoY in Q3, reports FHFA.

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As a mortgage industry expert, I provide expert insights into the latest developments. Discover significant growth in U.S. home prices, with a 2.1% increase in Q3 2023 and 5.5% surge compared to Q3 2022, according to FHFA data. Ideal for private lenders.

Moody’s predicts decline in Nonbanks’ profitability over next quarters

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Nonbank mortgage companies saw improved profitability in Q3, outperforming Q2. Private lenders can gain insights on the industry's growth potential.

Fannie Mae: Anticipating lowest existing home sales since 2010 in Q4

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Fannie Mae predicts Q4 existing home sales to reach the lowest levels since Q3 2010, presenting potential opportunities for private lenders in the mortgage industry.

Has Reduced Mortgage Rates Already Increased Housing Demand?

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"Explore how recent shifts in mortgage rates affect the housing market. Lead Analyst Logan Mohtashami examines nuanced data, providing insight for private lenders."

Battle among Homebuilders Bolsters Economic Growth

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"Exploring new strategies employed by builders to combat mortgage rate hikes, now touching 8%. Uncover how increased funding is maintaining the pace in the industry."

Technological Advancements Encourage the Transition of Users into Reliable Agents

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"Explore how technology trends influence the mortgage industry. This in-depth analysis highlights how partnerships empower users to emerge as trusted agents in today’s competitive market."

RE/MAX Report: Decline in Home Sales as Inventory Increases

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"Explore the latest insights from RE/MAX CEO; home sales are down, yet inventory growth indicates promising signs for the market. Dive into the in-depth analysis here."

Sculptor Successfully Acquired by Rithm Capital in Latest Industry Move

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"New York's Rithm Capital finalizes acquisition of Sculptor Capital Management at $719.8M. A transformative step for private lenders considering industry diversification."

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