Homebuyers gain little relief as mortgage rates drop 18 bps.

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Effective mortgage rates fall to 6.78%, biggest weekly drop in months - inventory depleting fast! Get the 411 on the relief it's providing to homebuyers & what you should know to stay one step ahead.

Real Estate Teams Outperform in Q1 2023 Benchmarking

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Private lending teams have experienced success in the real- estate market, according to the Streamlined Quarterly Team Benchmarking Report. With top- performing practices and best practices established, learn what your team can do to optimize its performance and increase returns. Maximize your private lending team's success today!

Existing Home Sales Declined, Median Sale Price Saw Increase

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See how skyrocketing mortgage rates are impacting the housing market from an industry expert. Gain insights and analysis into what trends to expect and how to make the most of the market today.

Builders face challenges in housing starts: Results come in lower than expected.

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Discover what the decline in housing starts means for private lenders in this insightful industry review.

Mortgage Lenders Slowly Adjust to Market Changes

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Discover who among mortgage experts will survive and thrive this year: a comprehensive M&A report offering actionable insights into the private lending market for mortgage professionals.

CRMLS Launches REcenterhub Dashboard for Mortgage Professionals

2023-07-18T09:55:10-07:00loan servicing private lenders|

Discover the revolution in California real estate with REcenterhub. Shake up the market with powerful real estate insights and analytics tools that let you stay a step ahead in your business. Explore now to maximize opportunities with California Regional MLS.

Big Bank Mortgage Lending at Risk due to Rumored Basel Changes: Bloomberg

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Private lenders now have the chance to get ahead with new capital requirements that are less than international standards. This report by Bloomberg brings new opportunities to the mortgage industry — learn more here.

Real Estate Market Sees Soft Landing: What’s Ahead?

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This summary describes various strategies and techniques private lenders can pursue for a gentle transition which won't result in a crash or bubble burst. A gentle landing is possible for private lenders. Discover various strategies and techniques to ensure a smooth transition that avoids the harm of a market crash or bubble burst. Get expert advice on how to navigate a financially stable exit from the cycle.

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