Real Estate Agents: Thriving in an AI-dominated Market

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Private lenders have a tremendous opportunity to revolutionize real estate finance, unlocking access to capital while helping to create a more flexible and equitable marketplace.

. Mortgage Interest Dips to Two-Decade Low

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Discover how the mortgage market is responding to the decrease in interest rates and why this shift may be beneficial for private lenders. Explore how the latest figures affect the industry and what opportunities arise from current trends.

Mortgage Payments Reaching $3,000 as Rates Reach 22-Year Highs

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Keep up to date on the risks and benefits with Private Lenders – Your go-to source for expert insights on the current mortgage landscape.

MBA Appoints George Rogers to Lobby GOP Senators

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MBA appoints new VP to advocate for homeownership with Republican senators. This VP will focus on building controversial policy changes that strengthen the mortgage industry. Grow your business with the mortgage industry's latest expert-crafted lobbying strategies.

Mortgage Rates: Is This the Highest of the Year?

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The mortgage industry was abuzz with news last week. Discover what this flurry of data could mean for mortgage rates in 2023, and find out what you should keep in mind as a private lender. Get the inside scoop on the state of the mortgage industry now.

Redfin’s Adam Wiener Resigns as President of Real Estate Services

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Adam Weiner's Resignation as Redfin's President of Real Estate Services - Get details on the real estate services industry leader's departure that marks the end of his 16 years of service at Redfin. Read now to explore the impact of his exit on real estate companies nationwide.

in Record-Breaking Deal. NexTier Bank Acquires Mars Bank in Record Deal

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NexTier Bank announces acquisition of Mars Bancorp, boosting total assets to over $2.6 billion. Learn the story of this mutually beneficial deal and the positive impacts for private lenders. Potential Maximized: Expanding Audience, Generating Leads, Increasing Listings

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Damian Eales, the new CEO of, is quickly changing the landscape of the mortgage industry with his expansion plan. Hear about his bold vision and get insights into how Eales is poised to shake up the real estate market during his fireside chat with Tom Ferry at the Tom Ferry Success Summit in Dallas.

Demand Trends for Housing – Logan Mohtashami Explains Impact of Interest Rates on Home Supply and Demand

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"HousingWire Lead Analyst Logan Mohtashami appeared on CNBC to give insights into the state of the US housing market. Get an expert analysis on the private lending market and what the future may hold from an industry leader."

Bank Faces Hefty Lawsuit for Breaching Ad Contracts

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Private lending firm Better Home & Finance under fire from Meredith Operations Corp for violating advertising placement agreements. Learn how a $1.86 million lawsuit may affect private lending. Get informed with expert advice from the mortgage industry.

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