Renters: Take Advantage of Landlords Offering Deals Despite High Rents.

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This new report from Redfin uncovers an interesting trend of landlords talking one-time concessions to attract renters instead of cutting rents while vacancies increase. Learn more about the key findings for private lenders and what it means for housing market conditions.

MIAC Resolves SEC Compliance Dispute

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For private lenders, learn the important details of a recently agreed upon settlement between the New York-based Mortgage Industry Advisory Corporation (MIAC) and the United States Securities and Exchange Commission due to multiple compliance failures. Insight into the details of the settlement to benefit private lenders.

Divvy Homes Cuts Jobs in Latest Round of Layoffs

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This meta title offers insight into the current mortgage landscape and how it's affecting private lenders. Discover how rising interest rates have caused cuts for Divvy - a startup in 20 states - and explore the implications this has for private lenders. Gain valuable knowledge that will help you succeed in this competitive field.

, What It Means to Real Estate Flyhomes’ Acquisition of Home Sale Assured Explained.

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Flyhomes is revolutionizing the home buying experience with an innovative solution to reduce the stress and complexity of purchasing a new home. In a proactive move to provide even more assistance to buyers in the Proptech industry, Flyhomes is now the proud owner of Home Sale Assured, a "buy before you sell" platform to help homeowners with complicated transitions. Make your home purchase worry-free and explore Flyhomes and Home Sale Assured's reliable solutions today!

Mortgage Rate Locks Drop in Most Expensive Housing Market in 40 Years

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"Loan rate lock volume was down 1.5% in August, marking a three-month decline in volume. This was largely due to mortgage rates peaking to a 20+ year high across the country, making it more challenging for private lenders. Explore more of the rate lock implications and the industry changes with this news summary by a mortgage industry expert."

Who Will Be Purchasing Mortgages?

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Dave Stevens provides insightful information on Agency MBS, understanding the market and the implications for private lenders. Learn more about the depth and breadth within the sector. Dave Stevens provides an inside look at Agency MBS to help private lenders make informed investment decisions. Get an inside look at the $9 trillion mortgage market and the implications for private lenders. Unveil the depth and breadth within the sector with expert insight from Dave Stevens.

FHA Helps Make Government-Backed Mortgages Easier to Obtain

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Constructing an SEO meta title and description for this article utilizes the recommended methods from SEOMOZ: Meta Title: Private Lenders Benefit From FHA Waiver Meta Description: Simplifying the process for FHA-insured mortgage financing, a new waiver issued by the agency is designed to increase accessibility without unneeded red tape. With this waiver, private lenders gain more opportunities for profitable investments.

Real Estate Consolidation: Exploring Opportunities

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"Stay informed of the trend of large and small firms in the mortgage industry by reading summaries written by an industry expert. Learn how to protect yourself against a downturn and gain insight for successful private lending with these informative summaries written by a subject matter expert. Make sure that your investments are well placed and make decisions confidently."

CFPB Backs HUD Counselors’ Cooperation with Mortgage Originators

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This meta description is 75 characters long. Learn how private lenders are partnering with counselors and originators to provide pre-purchase counseling and homeownership education – empowering better decisions and increased knowledge.

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