LoanLogics Enhances Digital Document Processing with Finastra’s Mortgage Bot

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LoanLogics offers automated quality control to make sure your mortgage loan documents are accurate and compliant. Get the most accurate documents with LoanLogics' integration of two of its document processing tools with Finastra's MortgagebotLOS - now available and be sure of your loan documents accuracy. Private lenders welcome!

Understanding Late Charge Penalties for California Lenders

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Discover the basics of the misunderstood late charge and learn how to properly enforce it to stay compliant with California law. This easy-to-follow guide provides insight into late charge rules and regulations for a wide range of lenders in the state of California. Get comprehensive info for better protecting your private loan agreements.

Compass Acquires Quinn & Co. Realty Group in Madison

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"Compass Private Lenders has established a new presence in Madison, Wisconsin. Learn about the company’s history, the services provided, and how it can help lenders navigate Wisconsin's mortgage industry."

Mortgage Banking Struggles Demand Unified Platform Growth for Blend

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"Gain control of all lending needs with Blend Builder. This unified platform offers personalized loans, credit cards, car loans, student loans and mortgages to help private lenders stay ahead in the ever-evolving mortgage industry."

US Home Prices Surge in July

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"July's S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Home Price Index revealed a welcome shift in the U.S. housing market: after three months of downward pressure, home prices rose 0.98%. This increase marks the recognition of a healthy and recovery-oriented nationwide housing market."

– How It Effects Homeowners Mortgage Firm MV Realty Declares Bankruptcy: Impact on Homeowners

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For private lenders seeking information on the Right-to-list agreement firm MV Realty, this meta describes its Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing across 33 states and any potential legal issues. Learn how this change could affect your investments and make educated decisions. Get the facts here.

Layoffs follow company going public

2023-09-25T10:08:52-07:00private mortgage loan servicing companies, private mortgage servicing companies|

Powerful Digital Lender Reduces Mortgage Sales and Origination Team in US - Private Lenders: Get the scoop on the unexpected changes that could affect your business. Learn how the latest developments may affect you and what you need to know.

Mortgage Rates Remain Steady at 7.2%, Fed Holds Off On Hikes

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Mortgage rates remain high with both lenders and borrowers digesting the news from the Federal Reserve meeting earlier this week. Learn more about how the markets are reacting and what to expect in current mortgage rates. Get the latest insights from mortgage industry experts.

Partnering to Help MBS Investors Assess Risk Using Climate Analytics

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This meta description provides an overview of a new collaboration between ICE and DeltaTerra to develop credit risk analytics solutions aimed at assessing the potential impact of climate risk on real estate and mortgage backed securities. Uncover how this cutting-edge technology helps lenders make more informed decisions.

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