Stephen Sondheim’s NYC Townhome Sold for $7 Million.

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Two offers made on the NYC townhome listed in July. Stephen Sondheim’s property sold for the asking price of $7 million. Discover more in Weekly Real Estate News.

2024 Housing Market: Zillow Forecasts Improved Inventory and Affordability

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Zillow predicts affordability and inventory improvements in the 2024 housing market, potentially benefiting private lenders.

Ginnie Mae updates guidelines, revising definition of high-balance loans

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As an industry expert, I provide insightful summaries for mortgage-related news. Stay informed with the latest high-balance loan guidance by FHFA for private lenders.

Modest increase in mortgage applications observed over Thanksgiving week.

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As a trusted mortgage industry expert, I provide a clinical summary on recent developments. Discover how lower mortgage rates have spurred increased demand, yet mortgage applications remain 20% lower compared to the previous year. Relevant information for private lenders seeking insights.

First American’s $1 Million Cybersecurity Settlement Marks Milestone

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As an industry expert, I provide clinical summaries of mortgage news. First American, a Big Four title firm, to pay $1M settlement to NY Department of Financial Services over cybersecurity violation. Interesting for private lenders.

OneKey MLS incorporates CubiCasa’s floor plan creation tools into their services.

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Increase the efficiency of private lending with CubiCasa's user-friendly floor plan creation tools, now available through OneKey MLS in the New York Metropolitan area.

Navigating Real Estate Changes: Maximizing Success as an Influencer

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As a mortgage industry expert, gain trust, provide clarity, and lead with confidence during industry upheaval. Expert insights from Rene Rodriguez.

Exposing Fraud: Unraveling the Complex Deception in Private Lending

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In the dynamic field of finance, private lenders offer distinct advantages over traditional banks, but they also face the constant threat of fraudsters. Discover how these lenders navigate this intricate web of deception to protect their clients and maintain their integrity. Read more.

CBC Mortgage Agency Reduces Interest Rates for Down Payment Assistance Second Mortgages

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"CBC Mortgage Agency significantly reduces interest rates on second repayable mortgages for their down payment assistance program, initiating unprecedented savings for private lenders."

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