Massachusetts Passes Tenant Protection Bill: A Model for Equitable Housing?

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Massachusetts has passed a landmark tenant protection bill providing equitable housing for all - find out what this means for renters & landlords in MA and beyond! Stay informed & make sure your rights are respected. #Housing #Equity #LandlordTenants

Big Purple Dot Integrates with ChatGPT for AI-Powered Customer Support

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Big Purple Dot has partnered with ChatGPT to revolutionize customer service. Now you can access AI-powered support from the comfort of your own home, ensuring timely and accurate help when you need it most. Enjoy the ease and convenience of fast, reliable customer service!

ICBA Urges CFPB to Provide Clearer Guidance for Construction Loans

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CFPB is called to provide clear guidance on construction loan regulations. Learn how ICBA is advocating on behalf of its members & the consumer-friendly regulations it seeks from the CFPB. #FinReg #Lending #ConstructionLoans

“The BAIN Act: Addressing Affordable Housing Crisis through Infrastructure Investment”

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The BAIN Act: An innovative new plan that empowers communities to invest in affordable housing infrastructure, helping to protect families and secure the future. Join us and make a difference. #InvestforChange

Mortgage Rates Fall Again, Demand for Loans Remains High

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Mortgage rates have taken a dip again and demand for home loans is still on the rise - Don't miss out! Secure a rate now and take advantage of low monthly payments and flexible terms to improve your financial future.

Real Estate Market Cools in Early 2023 as Home Prices Pause in Appreciation Growth

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Real estate investing can be tricky but picking the right market can pay off. Early 2023 saw a cooling trend in real estate market with home prices taking a breather from their steady appreciation. Use this data to consider your next move in property investing!

The Increasing Risk of Fannie Mae’s Mission Creep

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"Fannie Mae has evolved from its original focus as a mortgage provider, but is the level of risk increasing? Find out the implications of their changing mission. Get financial insights to make the right decisions."

Low Rates, Low Inventory: The Complex Relationship of Mortgage Rates & Housing Market

2023-03-27T08:53:46-07:00private lender servicing|

Learn how mortgage rates & the availability of housing inventory together can make a complex situation for potential homebuyers. Let us guide you through it.

Narrowed Spread: Low Mortgage Rates Narrow Gap between Conforming and Jumbo Loans

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Maximize your loan potential! With lower mortgage rates, take advantage of the narrowing spread between conforming and jumbo loan rates. Now is the perfect time to get the loan you need to finance your biggest dreams.

Mortgages Maintain Strength Despite Market Volatility

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"Uncertain times don't have to mean an uncertain future for your mortgage. Compare rates & lenders to see how you can maintain strength in your mortgage despite market volatility."

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