Low-Income Access to High Opportunity Neighborhoods Diminishing

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"The price of a typical home purchased in high-opportunity U.S. neighborhoods was $470,000 in 2022 - $130,000 more than in low-opportunity areas. Learn more about the significant housing gap for private lenders from the Redfin report. Keep reading to find out more.

Aggregated Local Housing Reports: Othello, Osage Beach, Vienna.

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This HousingWire Magazine feature spotlights nationwide housing trends to help private lenders understand the market better. Uncover the latest data from Altos Research on local housing and gain invaluable insights on how to move forward. Make informed, data-driven decisions about your private real estate investments.

Better.com IPO Proposal Gains Approval

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For experienced mortgage industry professionals in New York, now's the time to find out about the public offering of Better.com. Discover how this digital lender, almost two years after its initial plan, is making its way to the stock market via a SPAC merger with Aurora Acquisition Corporation. Stay informed and up-to-date on the latest news and developments.

. Western Asset Merges with AG Mortgage After Refusing Terra

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"AG Mortgage Investment Trust, Inc. has entered into a definitive agreement to merge with Western Asset Mortgage Capital Corp., outbidding their competition. Learn more about the industry-changing news from a mortgage industry expert now!"

Wells Fargo launches down payment grant for homebuyers of $10K.

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Wells Fargo's Homebuyer Access grant program offers potential homebuyers with a combined 120% or less of the area median income an opportunity to buy their first home. Access up to $75,000 in grants in eight US metros. Learn how to make homeownership within reach.

UWM Posts Profitable Q2 as Origination Volume Reaches $32B

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Backed by UWM, private lenders have access to $31.8 billion in mortgages for Q2 2023 — $28 billion of which were for purchase loans. With top industry expertise, secure your best rates and terms with UWM.

US Home Insurance Policies Drop Dramatically in 2023

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Knowledgeable Homeowners Realize Securing Suitable Home Insurance Policies Is Becoming Increasingly Difficult: Learn What Challenges Private Lenders are Facing and How to Best Protect Your Clients.

82% of Consumers Report Home Buying an Unwise Move Now

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Discover how Fannie Mae is working to help consumers become comfortable with the thought of buying a home. Learn what measures have been taken to help develop trust and confidence in the mortgage industry and its potential. Get informed on the steps that can provide you peace of mind buying a home in today's uncertain financial landscape.

Plunk Introduces AI-Fueled Home Evaluation Solution

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Discover the Plunk Pro tool that offers revolutionary real estate insights with access to over 104 million homes. Unveil real-time home valuations, risk assessment, & remodeling possibilities to revolutionize the real estate market for investors, advisors, and analysts with the advanced AI-powered platform. Transform the real estate market with Plunk Pro.

Bay Area housing to be created from abandoned land.

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"Learn how the new law signed by Governor Gavin Newsom will soon transform a 32-acre "vacant" lot in the California Bay Area into housing. An exciting development for private lenders in the region!"

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