Mortgage Demand Increases

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Mortgage applications for home purchases and refinances increased in the first five weeks after months of decline, but remain at low rates. Get the latest on how quantity & quality of mortgage applications affect the housing market from an industry expert.

An effective real estate recruitment process explained.

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This meta description offers valuable insight into optimizing the entire real estate ecosystem. Learn how to use exclusive tactics to attract the best talent in the mortgage industry and keep them engaged. Find out the power of understanding and optimizing every part of the real estate funnel without any dated industry news.

Home Sales Continue to Climb Despite Rising Mortgage Rates

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Enjoy the Benefits of Home Ownership Despite Rising Rates: Private lenders can help build the dream of home ownership even in today's uncertain market with higher mortgage rates. Home buyers and builders alike are finding success in meeting their goals through the innovative programs offered by private lenders. Let new home ownership become your reality now.

Trade groups caution risks of unintended consequences from proposed AVM rules.

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MBA and CBA experts agree: Automated Valuation Models (AVMs) can mitigate the appraiser shortage, reduce costs, and protect against bias, but principled regulation is essential. Find out why AVMs are the way forward for private lenders.

Housing Inventory Reaches Peak for 2019

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This expert assessment of the private lending market reveals that inventory numbers are still climbing in September, with over 495,000 single-family homes available for potential lenders across the country. Learn more about this housing boom and discover the lending opportunities it provides.

U.S. Judge Rules False Advertising Claims in Zillow Case are Enforceable

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Private lenders now have more clarity on the ongoing legal battle between Zillow, NAR, and REX Real Estate. Get an expert summary on how the court's decision affects the mortgage industry.

16 Mortgage Lenders, Brokers Named to Inc. 5000 List

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"Check out the private lenders that made it to the Inc. 5000 list. They focused on technology and niche products in a rising interest rate environment. Learn from their success with insights from an experienced mortgage industry expert to guide you in your own journey."

3 Best Online Real Estate Course Platforms for Coaches

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Discover the 3 most reliable hosting sites to help you build your coaching business. You can easily find the one that best fits your needs and provides a remarkable, secure experience. Make sure you obtain the very best hosting for your business without wasting your resources.

Construction Home Mortgage Apps Rise in July

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Discover how new home construction is helping first-time buyers and those with lower down payments get into their dream home. This summary reveals the circumstances and potential challenges that pave the way for more private lenders in the housing market.

Is a Corrective Addendum Right for You?

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An insightful article on when to use a corrective addendum; an overview for private lenders on how to save time & minimize risk. Learn the differences & understand the right solution for your loan.

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