MBA Highlights Need to Ensure long-term Availability of Flood Insurance

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"In this letter, the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) calls on the Senate Banking Committee to take action on issues related to availability of flood insurance. Learn more about this pressing issue and what steps the MBA's urging senators to take to address it."

. New Agents Now Eligible for Exp Realty Profit Sharing Program

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New eXp Realty agents get more rewards! Agents now have access to higher revenue share tiers with the launch of Accelerate program. Find out how Accelerate program is helping Realty agents increase their earnings and meet their financial goals. #Realty #Accelerate #Income

Lenders Brace for Impact of Commission Lawsuits on Agent-LO Relationships

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An SEO meta description for "LOs Who Rely on Agent Referrals Will Need to Expand Their Reach": Private lenders who employ or partner with loan officers should become aware of the changing real estate industry. Find out how new business trends and limited agent meddling may affect LOs seeking consumer referrals. Make sure you're getting the most out of your sourcing strategy.

Real Estate RE/MAX Proper Acquires All Nations Real Estate Brokerage

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This article offers insight into how Inland Empire-based real estate and mortgage broker, All Nations, joined RE/Max Proper, increasing their agent workforce by a massive 126. Learn how this move has enabled All Nations to offer an unparalleled level of service and expertise to its clients in the Inland Empire.

CFPB Backs HUD Counselors’ Cooperation with Mortgage Originators

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This meta description is 75 characters long. Learn how private lenders are partnering with counselors and originators to provide pre-purchase counseling and homeownership education – empowering better decisions and increased knowledge.

Real Estate Buyer Broker Commissions: Settling Disputes

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For Private Lenders: Get the inside scoop on the capacities of real estate conglomerate Anywhere's recent settlement agreements with Moehrl & Sitzer/Burnett. Get the know-how and understand what Society clauses were involved, and the repercussions of the agreements. Learn all the legal facts without the hoopla.

Mortgage Experts: NAR Backs Bob Goldberg at Emergency Meeting

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This news summary provides private lenders with up-to-date knowledge about the National Association of Realtors' Executive Committee's unity to support staff. Learn now how the Executive Committee is creating a brighter future for the mortgage industry. Potential Maximized: Expanding Audience, Generating Leads, Increasing Listings

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Damian Eales, the new CEO of, is quickly changing the landscape of the mortgage industry with his expansion plan. Hear about his bold vision and get insights into how Eales is poised to shake up the real estate market during his fireside chat with Tom Ferry at the Tom Ferry Success Summit in Dallas.

Demand Trends for Housing – Logan Mohtashami Explains Impact of Interest Rates on Home Supply and Demand

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"HousingWire Lead Analyst Logan Mohtashami appeared on CNBC to give insights into the state of the US housing market. Get an expert analysis on the private lending market and what the future may hold from an industry leader."

What it means for Homebuyers: What July’s 0.9% Rise in Pending Home Sales Means

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"Stay informed about the latest information in the home sales market with this article. Discover the July data released by the National Association of Realtors which reveals a rise of 0.9% in pending home sales, mirroring overall sector growth of +4.4%. Get the details you need to make informed decisions as a private lender."

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