Top-ranked online real estate schools in Texas for optimal learning experience

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Looking to enter the real estate industry? Discover the top contenders that ensure a speedy licensing process and set the foundation for success.

Chopra Addresses Mortgage Issues in House Oversight Hearing, says CFPB Expert

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As an industry expert, I summarize news on mortgage-related topics. Private lenders will find this non-salesy meta description intriguing: CFPB Director Rohit Chopra addresses mortgage-related concerns during House questioning. Stay informed and make informed decisions.

Fidelity affirms containment of cybersecurity attack, yet lingering queries persist

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"Fidelity reveals successful containment of cybersecurity attack and addresses potential customer data concerns in recent incident. Stay informed."

Anticipated Conclusion of Moehrl Commission Lawsuit Trial Predicted for 2024

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As a mortgage industry expert, stay updated on industry news for private lenders. Learn about the delay in the Moehrl commission lawsuit trial, now scheduled for Q4 2024.

Stephen Sondheim’s NYC Townhome Sold for $7 Million.

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Two offers made on the NYC townhome listed in July. Stephen Sondheim’s property sold for the asking price of $7 million. Discover more in Weekly Real Estate News.

2024 Housing Market: Zillow Forecasts Improved Inventory and Affordability

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Zillow predicts affordability and inventory improvements in the 2024 housing market, potentially benefiting private lenders.

Ginnie Mae updates guidelines, revising definition of high-balance loans

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As an industry expert, I provide insightful summaries for mortgage-related news. Stay informed with the latest high-balance loan guidance by FHFA for private lenders.

Modest increase in mortgage applications observed over Thanksgiving week.

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As a trusted mortgage industry expert, I provide a clinical summary on recent developments. Discover how lower mortgage rates have spurred increased demand, yet mortgage applications remain 20% lower compared to the previous year. Relevant information for private lenders seeking insights.

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