Boosting financial literacy: 60 ambassadors join FirstHome IQ

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FirstHome IQ's Ambassador program now includes 60 housing professionals who donate a portion of each loan to enhance financial literacy. Perfect for private lenders.

Freddie Mac introduces uniform mortgage documents for Down Payment Assistance programs.

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Freddie Mac introduces standardized subordinate-lien documents for DPA providers, offering valuable information for private lenders in the mortgage industry.

Unveiling the Essential Principles for Real Estate Triumph

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Summary: Expertly navigating the mortgage industry, Troy Palmquist emphasizes the significance of balance between generosity and discernment for private lenders, fostering fulfillment and success in both work and life.

Industry Expert Jeff Pancer Becomes EVP of Capital Markets at First Community Mortgage

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An industry expert with vast experience in secondary markets, Jeff Pancer joins First Community Mortgage as EVP of Capital Markets.

Stephen Sondheim’s NYC Townhome Sold for $7 Million.

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Two offers made on the NYC townhome listed in July. Stephen Sondheim’s property sold for the asking price of $7 million. Discover more in Weekly Real Estate News.

Analysis of Recent Data: Insights into Home Prices, Construction, and Sales

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Discover the latest data releases revealing record high home prices on the rise, while homebuilders persistently offer discounts, attracting private lenders.

Compass’s Wisconsin Presence Boosted by Husky Homes Team Expansion

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Discover how the renowned Husky Homes real estate team, led by Alison Crim, has recently partnered with Compass, offering great opportunities for private lenders.

Strategies for Real Estate Brokers to Efficiently Reduce Operating Expenses

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As an expert in the mortgage industry, I provide insightful summaries on industry news. Discover how smart cost control strategies can benefit private lenders.

OneKey MLS incorporates CubiCasa’s floor plan creation tools into their services.

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Increase the efficiency of private lending with CubiCasa's user-friendly floor plan creation tools, now available through OneKey MLS in the New York Metropolitan area.

MBA identifies advantages and limitations within FHFA’s latest ERCF regulation.

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"Get insights on the latest rule changes impacting private lenders. Discover how the recent MBA update addresses key issues in the mortgage industry."

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