Mortgage Market on Upward Trend as Fed Chair Powell Predicts Rebound

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An experienced mortgage professional offers insights on Federal Housing Market insights. Fed Chair Jerome Powell reports a rise in the housing market and continued caution regarding future rate decisions. Get the inside scoop and gain actionable insight to make the best decisions.

Fannie Mae: Home Sales Won’t Rebound in 2024 Despite Soft Landing

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"Fannie Mae's forecast shows that in spite of the possibility of a soft landing, home sales in 2023 are predicted to stay on par with levels experienced in 2009. 2024 is expected to herald a slight improvement. Get the insight you need to make informed decisions about private lending."

Rapattoni’s MLS Services Resume After Cyber Attack

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Rapattoni MLS Software Security Breach Overcome: Software Back Online for Private Lenders. After a crippling cyber attack earlier this month, Rapattoni, the multiple listings service software provider is back operational in multiple markets. Get the details on the security breach & how privacy & safety of private lender data is ensured.

Rep. Waters Calls for Concessions in ICE-Black Knight Settlement

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recently called for greater oversight of private lenders to protect consumers. This news summary explains the potential implications and risks associated with the potential merger for private lenders.

. Mortgage Demand Slumps for Five Straight Weeks.

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Mortgage applications have declined for five weeks in a row, as the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage climbs to a 20-year high of 7.31%. Keep up to date with the latest mortgage news by staying informed on the changing market, so you can make smart investing decisions.

Trade groups caution risks of unintended consequences from proposed AVM rules.

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MBA and CBA experts agree: Automated Valuation Models (AVMs) can mitigate the appraiser shortage, reduce costs, and protect against bias, but principled regulation is essential. Find out why AVMs are the way forward for private lenders.

Thousands of Gov’t-Backed Mortgages at Risk Due to Maui Fire

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"HUD announced waivers to help Maui recover following thousands of mortgages being impacted. Learn how this could help Maui's citizens secure funding and receive much needed financial assistance."

Mortgage Rates Face Initial Stress Test: Will They Reach 8%?

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This article examines the financial factors at play when discussing the possibility of mortgage rates rising to 8%, based on the 10-year yield closing above 4.25%, and what this means for private lenders. Get the facts you need to determine how the rise in mortgage rates will affect your investments.

Understand Home Prices Before Investing: Smart Tips for Buyers

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Take a look at this guide for private lenders to maximize their listing appointments. Get answers to the 10 important questions that must be asked, and gain valuable insight about pricing strategies, so you can make the most of every listing opportunities.

Mortgage Rates Rise Along With US Yields

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"Mortgage rates continue to be influenced by the U.S. bond yields, which have hit their highest level since 2008. Analysts remain confident that the current turbulence in the market will not cause a debt crisis. Private lenders need to stay informed of the latest news and current trends in the industry in order to make educated decisions about mortgage rate investments."

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