Realcomp MLS agents gain access to CubiCasa’s innovative solutions.

2024-01-16T12:01:36-08:00private mortgage loan servicing, private mortgage servicing companies|

Discover how CubiCasa's innovative digital floor plan services are revolutionizing the real estate industry for private lenders. Find out more now!

California’s Commission Lawsuit Names Five More Brokerages

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"Amended lawsuit in Grace commission case reveals five more brokerages named as defendants, offering valuable insights for private lenders. Stay informed."

Significant Mortgage Volume Decline of $138B Reported by Wells, JPMorgan, and BofA

2024-01-12T12:32:14-08:00private lender servicing, private mortgage loan servicing companies|

Get insights on current trends in the mortgage industry. Discover significant reductions in mortgage businesses at major banks like Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase, and Bank of America. Stay informed as private lenders.

Alternative to NAR Contemplated by Mortgage Industry Expert, Jason Haber

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"Explore the potential of creating a viable alternative to NAR as industry experts Jason Haber and Mauricio Umansky assess mounting challenges. Discover more."

HUD grants $40 million to enhance Housing Counseling Services

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HUD plans to award grants to housing counseling agencies and intermediary organizations. Read about HUD's $40 million project on Weekly Real Estate News.

Introducing TransUnion’s Innovative Property Insights Tool for the Mortgage Industry

2024-01-10T12:09:02-08:00private money loan servicing, private mortgage loan servicing companies|

TransUnion's new portfolio management solution offers private lenders a comprehensive tool for risk assessment focusing on property values.

Guild seeks confirmation of $10.7M award in poaching dispute with former employees

2024-01-11T09:33:23-08:00private loan servicing company, private mortgage servicing companies|

Explore the implications of an arbitration dispute award involving ex-Guild employees accused of poaching upon joining CrossCountry, relevant for private lenders.

Effortless methods to promptly sell your next listing

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Get expert tips to prepare your listing for a model home appearance. Market, advertise, show, and sell the seller's home in its best light. Ideal for private lenders.

2023 sees a flourishing growth in home-equity lending.

2024-01-09T09:36:27-08:00loan servicing private lenders, private mortgage loan servicing companies|

Discover the growth of home-equity lending in 2023, as independent mortgage banks expanded their offerings. Despite a temporary setback, the market soared, making it an intriguing opportunity for private lenders.

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