Wells Fargo Offers $50B MSR Portfolio for Sale

2023-04-27T07:27:24-07:00private loan servicing company, private money loan servicing|

Wells Fargo provides lenders a rare opportunity to invest in a $50B Mississippi River portfolio. Gain access to a diverse & reliable income source through a proven servicer performance. Get more details today to make the most of this limited time offer.

First Federal Bank Acquires BNC National Bank’s Mortgage Business

2023-04-27T07:27:26-07:00private lender servicing, private money loan servicing|

First Federal Bank has now acquired the mortgage portfolio of BNC National Bank, offering more loan options than ever before. Let us help find the perfect loan product to fit your needs.

Mortgage Rates Drop Again as Economic Factors Contribute

2023-04-28T17:51:54-07:00private lender loan servicing, private money loan servicing|

Mortgage rates are at a historic low. Take advantage of this great opportunity to save money on your home loan and secure your financial future. Rates are expected to drop further as economic factors put downward pressure on rates. Don't miss out!

Protecting Against Email Fraud in the Real Estate Industry

2023-04-12T15:54:20-07:00private lender loan servicing, private lender servicing|

Secure your future investments in real estate from email fraud. Don't trust strangers, do your research & trust your instincts when examining potential investments to protect your financial future. Let us help you ensure the security of your capital. #EmailFraud

Tackling Consumer Pessimism in Post-Coronavirus Housing Market

2023-04-28T17:51:59-07:00private loan servicing company|

The housing market can be daunting, but with the right mindset and resources, you can make your money work for you. Learn how to tackle consumer pessimism and make the most of a post-Coronavirus housing market. Get the advice of private lenders now!

Homepoint to Sell Servicing, Origination Assets to The Loan Store

2023-04-07T09:18:53-07:00private loan servicing company, private mortgage loan servicing companies|

Homepoint™, a leading lender in private loan servicing & origination, is selling its assets to The Loan Store, the big player in loan retailing. Get the best private financing solutions from two industry giants. #finance #privateloan #mortgagerates

FDIC to Sell $114.8B of Seized Mortgages from Failed Regional Banks

2023-04-07T08:29:21-07:00loan servicing private lenders, private mortgage servicing companies|

Now's your chance to get low-rate mortgages from FDIC seized from failed regional banks. Act fast: these $114.8B of properties won't last long! Find out more now.

April Update in Private Lending: Where Are We Going?

2023-04-06T06:38:35-07:00private lender servicing, private loan servicing company|

Several banks, including Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank, were shut down by the FDIC in March, and pressure is being felt by many regional banks. The Federal Reserve Board increased interest rates by 25 basis points instead of the expected 50 basis point increase due to higher-than-expected jobs data and CPI index, which caused a relatively stable but volatile economy. Private lending rates are good, and capital aggregators are pricing around 6-7%, giving banking a run for their money. Balance sheet lenders are the real winners of this recession, but diversification of capital or preparing for scratch and dent are alternative strategies to prepare for Q3, Q4, and Q1 of 2024.

LoanDepot Settles with Hsieh and Appoints Ozonian to Board

2023-04-05T11:27:35-07:00loan servicing for private money lenders, private loan servicing company|

LoanDepot makes big moves with a settlement with Hsieh and appointment of Ozonian to their Board of Directors. Get the details and find out how it affects private lenders within the US.

Decrease in Demand for Government Mortgages: Understanding the Causes and Impact

2023-04-28T17:52:03-07:00private money loan servicing, private mortgage servicing companies|

Discover how the decrease in demand for government mortgages is impacting the economy. Explore the causes and learn key strategies to understand the effects of this trend. Get the facts and equip yourself to make informed decisions.

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