Minneapolis Firefighters Benefit from Homes for Heroes Program

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This project is shaping up to be revolutionary. Homes for Heroes is striving to provide the best care possible for firefighters who suffer severe burn injuries while on the job. By opening the first specialized transition center, HFH is focused on developing a long-term future for affected individuals and their families. Join us in supporting this groundbreaking effort.

States Urge Elimination of LLPA Charge Amendments

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"Fiscal officers from 27 states are calling on the Biden Administration and the FHFA to scrap the changes to LLPA fees which could drastically impact private lenders. Find out how this proposed policy could affect you as an industry expert."

Maxwell Introduces Single Sign-On for Mortgage Lenders

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Maxwell helps lenders increase security & reduce data breaches risk with new SSO tool. Secure your data while easily connecting with other financial institutions & streamlining your private lending process. Trust in the fintech-backed institution trusted by Wells Fargo & Fin Capital.

JPMorgan Chase Buys First Republic Bank

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Dynamic and savvy lenders can benefit from the closing of the troubled First Republic Bank by JPMorgan Chase. With careful due diligence and the right financial moves, get the info needed to stay ahead of the game and maximize private lender investments.

CFPB Sets Data Reporting Requirements for Private Lenders

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Private lenders: Ensure you stay compliant with the latest CFPB regulations. Learn how you can manage data reporting requirements quickly & without stress. Get Ready Today!

Will the LIVE Act Ease Mortgage Burden for Homebuyers?

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The LIVE Act offers promising possibilities for homebuyers to cut down on mortgage costs. Learn about the impact of this legislation and how it could benefit your pockets. Get all the facts here!

Institutional Investor Limitations in SFR Market

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"Investors have begun to enter the single-family residential real estate market, but a lack of knowledge and institutional investor limitations could hinder success. Learn how to overcome these potential pitfalls and capitalize on this expanding market."

Positive Home Market Trends Reaffirmed in March

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Secure a positive home market with March's latest proof! Learn more about the current trends & what your investments could benefit from today. #investments

Mortgage Professionals Adapt with Creative Strategies During Low Business Volume

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Discover proven strategies to help mortgage professionals survive slow business and create lasting success. Learn how to adapt, pivot and stay ahead of the competition. Let the experts show you how to make the most of low mortgage volumes.

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