Homebuilders Taking Advantage of Low Housing Supply

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An April marked by limited existing home inventory saw an uptick in housing starts from new homebuilders. While representing a positive movement, the numbers were still 22% lower than they were a year prior. Private lenders should take note.

Court Ruling on CFPB Constitutionality Could Impact Mortgage Market

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"Are you a private lender? Discover how the recent outcome of the Supreme Court's decision on the CFPB constitutionality will affect you. Learn more from experts in the mortgage industry about the impacts it will have. Get the inside scoop today!"

in February Housing Market Flatlines: Active Listings Stay Steady In February

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Stay informed on private lender trends with this mortgage industry expert analysis. Get the facts on what's happening in the industry, from inventory growth to market influences. Curious about where the private lender market is headed? Get an expert's take on the data – without any sales talk.

Rent Inflation Nearing its Peak, April Data Suggests

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An Understanding of April Inflation: 2021 YOY Statistics Reveal High Levels Despite Signs of Improvement - Discover how inflation figures are still higher than the Fed's target of 2.0%, as well as other important insights, as our private lending experts break down the latest economic data.

Loan Repurchase Strategies Spur Debate in Mortgage Industry

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IMBs are struggling to manage a rising tide of loan repurchase requests from GSEs amounting to a grave menace for their already stressed financial statements. Keep balance sheets safe with strategic solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Remove Title Exceptions: What To Do Next

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Meta Description: Learn more about the difficult and unpredictable process when title won't remove an exception item. Our experienced mortgage industry expert provides helpful advice and solutions to ease this stressful situation.

National Mortgage Insurer Partners with Vesta Loan Origination System

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National MI Streamlines Loan Processes with Integration of Vesta LOS Platform - Learn how National MI's integration with Vesta helps provide resources to help lenders simplify and streamline their loan processes with increased accuracy, speed and efficiency. Experience a new level of automation with Vesta.

Guild suffers $37M loss in Q1 during CEO transition.

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But the company pushed onward and furthered its position as one of the nation’s leading and most progressive mortgage lenders. Get the full story here.

Freddie Mac revamps downpayment assistance with NewRez program

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NewRez Launches Special Purpose Credit Program - $3K+ Closing Cost Assistance to First-Time Homebuyers. NewRez, in partnership with Freddie Mac, is now providing qualifying first-time homebuyers with closing cost assistance of $3,000 or more. Enjoy improved affordability and get the help you need before taking the first step towards homeownership.

Senators Propose Bill to Increase Rural Home Affordability

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This new proposed bill seeks to reform the USDA's rural housing programs, making them more efficient, cutting red tape, and expanding the supply of affordable housing. Learn more about how this legislation could help provide more secure housing options for everyone.

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