Intense Sparks Erupt in HousingWire’s Commission Lawsuit Debate

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As a mortgage industry expert, I provide unbiased summaries of industry news. Read about the Sitzer-Burnett lawsuit and trial clash between broker-owner Anthony Lamacchia and plaintiffs' attorney Michael Ketchmark. Discover intriguing insights for private lenders.

New Home Sales in 2023 Positively Impact Economy and Prevent Recession

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Discover how the thriving new home sales sector fuels economic growth through job opportunities and the demand for goods and services. Ideal for private lenders.

Marriott Bonvoy brand to expand apartments across three countries.

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Discover the growth plans of the Apartments by Marriott Bonvoy brand in Detroit and St. Louis - an intriguing opportunity for private lenders. Explore more at Weekly Real Estate News.

Expect a Rise in Condo Communities Anticipated for the Future

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Community associations play a significant role in the U.S. housing market, with over 30% of housing stock represented. Check out the forecast for an increase in condo communities by 2024.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Unveil New ‘Mission Index’ to Enhance Industry Standards

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Discover the enhanced "Mission Index" recently introduced by the GSEs to expand and modernize their single-family social bond framework, ideal for private lenders in the mortgage industry.

Bright MLS collaborates with Collabra Technology for enhanced services.

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Subscribers to Bright MLS gain access to Collabra’s AdBuilder, enabling agents to efficiently plan and schedule paid digital advertising campaigns. Enhance your mortgage business with this valuable tool.

Real estate market loses steam amid rising interest rates, reveals Altos report.

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"After a period of growth, the real estate housing market slows down with rising interest rates. Valuable insights for private lenders seeking opportunities."

Biden Accused by Wall Street Journal Editors of Leveraging FHFA Policy for Re-Election Backing

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As an expert in the mortgage industry, I provide insightful summaries of industry news. Read how the policy change benefits the housing lobby.

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