Mortgage Demand Decreases Despite Rate Reduction

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"Financing opportunities are becoming increasingly constrictive, as mortgage rates reach new highs and make home purchasing and refinancing more difficult to achieve. MBA data shows homebuyer affordability and refinancing demand at risk due to mortgage rate increases."

Minneapolis Firefighters Benefit from Homes for Heroes Program

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This project is shaping up to be revolutionary. Homes for Heroes is striving to provide the best care possible for firefighters who suffer severe burn injuries while on the job. By opening the first specialized transition center, HFH is focused on developing a long-term future for affected individuals and their families. Join us in supporting this groundbreaking effort.

Mortgage Expert: CFPB Rule Change on LO Compensation Supported by CHLA

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This CHLA letter outlines their case for increased flexibility in loan originator compensation; get informed on the key issues involved and how it could impact private lenders. Discover how the proposed changes could change the loan origination landscape and learn the necessary steps to keep up.

in April Spring Inventory Increase Bolsters U.S. Housing Market

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"Buying a home this spring? Don't fret - the fear of not having an increase in housing inventory is unfounded. Mortgage industry expert provides reliable details on the latest market numbers and what it means for you."

Lawmakers Launch Bill Aiming to Stop Changes to Lender LPPA Fees

2023-04-28T15:05:40-07:00private mortgage loan servicing|

Follow along with lawmakers' plans to improve access to conventional/conforming mortgages by reducing Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac’s LLPA fees. Get informed on the potential impact on the mortgage industry & private lenders.

Will the LIVE Act Ease Mortgage Burden for Homebuyers?

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The LIVE Act offers promising possibilities for homebuyers to cut down on mortgage costs. Learn about the impact of this legislation and how it could benefit your pockets. Get all the facts here!

Impac Mortgage Holdings’ Common Stock Delisted from NYSE American

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Impac Mortgage Holdings' long-standing commitment to financial stability has been rewarded by the NYSE American, after they delisted the company's common stock. With years of experience in the residential lending space, Impac remains committed to integrity & stability.

Improving Accuracy within Home Mortgages: HMDA Update and Loan-Level Pricing Adjustments

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"Enhance mortgage accuracy with the latest HMDA regulations and Loan-Level Pricing Adjustments! Get a better understanding of the recent updates and discover how they can benefit you financially."

Mortgage Professionals Adapt with Creative Strategies During Low Business Volume

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Discover proven strategies to help mortgage professionals survive slow business and create lasting success. Learn how to adapt, pivot and stay ahead of the competition. Let the experts show you how to make the most of low mortgage volumes.

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