Homeowners Reap Rewards with COVID Refinance.

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"Rely on private lenders for refinancing without the hassle. During the 21-quarter period from Q2 2020 to Q4 2021, 14 million mortgages were refinanced – that's almost one-third of all outstanding mortgages. Get the peace of mind you need without long wait times."

in February Housing Market Flatlines: Active Listings Stay Steady In February

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Stay informed on private lender trends with this mortgage industry expert analysis. Get the facts on what's happening in the industry, from inventory growth to market influences. Curious about where the private lender market is headed? Get an expert's take on the data – without any sales talk.

Encompass Gains Streamlined Loan Origin with Flueid Integration

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"Unlock new efficiencies in real estate technology with Flueid Decision's integration with Encompass by ICE Mortgage Technology. Get your next mortgage application approved faster with Flueid's patented platform, designed to save time while meeting lender needs."

Anywhere Launches Joint Venture to Offer Franchisees Title Services

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"Real estate franchisees now have access to a new joint venture with Upward Title & Closing, offering title insurance and more. Anywhere Real Estate ensures its clients the highest quality services with minimal risks."

LoanDepot Suffers Loss in Q1 Despite Signs of Improvement

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"California-based lender loanDepot has reported a second consecutive quarter of improved profit margin and revenue growth. 2019 Q1 results reveal that despite being in the red, loanDepot remain in a sound financial position thanks to their prudent financial management."

Guild suffers $37M loss in Q1 during CEO transition.

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But the company pushed onward and furthered its position as one of the nation’s leading and most progressive mortgage lenders. Get the full story here.

UWM Helps Brokers With Dedicated Loan Coordinator

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Discover the new level of loan processing support from United Wholesale Mortgage (UWM)! UWM now offers "PA+", a new service allowing brokers to connect their loan origination platform to UWM's system as well as providing a dedicated loan coordinator when needed. UWM helps make loan processing easier, faster, and more efficient, giving you improved customer service and satisfaction.

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