AI’s Influence on Mortgage Sector

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An SEO meta description for private lenders that's interesting yet clinical and non-salesy: "Unlock the potential of a secure, streamlined mortgage process with Artificial Intelligence. Discover the practical uses of AI in the mortgage industry today and why it could be worth the wait."

Angel Oak Mortgage REIT issues Non-QM Securitization of $285M

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This summary from Angel Oak Mortgage REIT provides key insights into a recent $284.5 million non-QM securitization. Learn about the "inflection point" this transaction created for the company, and what it could mean for private lenders.

Loan Store introduces expedited Home Equity Line of Credit in Multiple States

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Get a HELOC in days, not weeks with low-rates and flexible repayment terms from TLS.

FHFA Warns of GSE Risk to Incur Losses

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"A new congressional report analyzed by the FHFA has found that GSEs together have a combined adjusted total risk-based capital shortfall of $421 billion. With expertise in the mortgage industry, find out what this means and what actions can be taken by private lenders."

Lessons from Homepoint & The Loan Store’s Future: Phil Shoemaker’s Insight

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An experienced mortgage expert, Shoemaker shares advice for any mature private lender looking to grow and optimize their model. Through this informative discussion, discover the current trends and strategies that are setting the benchmark in the industry for success.

Figure Technologies Unveils Wholesale Lending Solution

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"Loan originators, now you have access to a unique and powerful HELOC offering from Figure Technologies - the Wholesale Lending Platform. Make financing options available to the private lender with this innovative tool from Figure Technologies."

Housing Markets: Fargo, Bergen County & 30A in FL Analyzed

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Altos Reports: Bergen County Home Selling Time at Its Lowest in 2020: Median Days On Market 56, Down From High of 84. Get the Latest Private Lender Banking Trends & News from an Industry Expert.

Fed Rate Hikes Continue Despite Housing Industry Plea

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Lenders and housing industry experts are grappling with low inventory and prolonged market volatility via the Federal Reserve's steady interest rate hikes. Get the latest insights into the potential impact of this inflation, so you can make informed decisions about your private lending strategy.

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