HUD Explores Fair Housing Protections by Ethnicity, Ancestry

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This meta description will remind Americans of the Civil Rights Act protections they have under Title VI. Learn more about how Federal agencies, like HUD, make sure these protections are honored and enforced. Get the information you need to safeguard your rights as established by the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Non-White Homebuyers Report Discrimination in Homebuying Processes.

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This meta description captures the struggles of minorities when trying to buy a home: "Navigating the mortgage industry can be a challenge - especially for Blacks and Hispanics. Discover how more than a third of Hispanics and over a third of Blacks face discrimination when home searching."

Zillow Seeks Dismissal of REX Lawsuit

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"Private lenders can rest easy knowing that Zillow is pursuing legal action against REX, alleging false advertising. Zillow believes that REX does not have sufficient evidence for a jury to decide, and is asking a judge to rule on the issue. Stay up-to-date with the latest industry news without the hassle of false advertising."

Dan McGrew Appointed to Head Mortgage Machine Services’ Sales Team

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Mortgage Machine Services, a digital origination technology provider, has appointed Dan McGrew to lead sales efforts. McGrew brings extensive experience to the role, facilitating private lenders to better identify and manage loan opportunities. Learn how this innovative technology can help lenders capitalize on potential opportunities.

Layoffs follow company going public

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Powerful Digital Lender Reduces Mortgage Sales and Origination Team in US - Private Lenders: Get the scoop on the unexpected changes that could affect your business. Learn how the latest developments may affect you and what you need to know.

Experts Warn of Mortgage Lending Risk from Flood Insurance Program Expiration

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Given the looming uncertainty of NFIP expiration, explore the potential impacts on the mortgage business with insights from a mortgage industry expert. Learn how experts are handling the challenge and stay informed on the latest developments for private lenders.

leaders LGBTQ+ Real Estate Alliance Highlights Top Agents, Teams

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Introducing the latest iteration of the LGBTQ+ Real Estate Top Producers list, a ranking that honors outstanding 388 real estate agents and teams for their 2022 production. The more than 200% increase in honorees since last year speaks to the booming interest in LGBTQ+ real estate. Recognized in partnership between the LGBTQ+ Real Estate Alliance and RealTrends, with support from Sotheby’s International Realty, these are the industry's top professionals in the field.

For Mortgage Businesses – Creating a Thriving Organizational Culture for Mortgage Companies

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This meta description outlines the benefits of fostering a productive culture within a real estate company to ensure success in today's crowded market. Learn how a cohesive environment among agents can maximize productivity and create an industry-leading competitive edge.

Avoid Court Trouble: Tips for Staying Afloat Financially

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Discover how to lawsuit-proof your loan files and avoid costly litigation with expert advice! Learn key underwriting tips from a mortgage industry expert and keep your business out of court.

Floify Launches Income/Employment Verification Tech for Mortgage Lenders

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"Discover how Floify's new Verification of Income and Verification of Employment Waterfall Technology is revolutionising the mortgage origination process - quickly and cost-effectively streamlining the process for lenders and providing greater efficiency."

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