Leading Optimal Blue Execs Exit Following Constellation Buyout

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This summary concisely relays the news that 3 senior leaders from Optimal Blue, a firm recently acquired by Constellation Software, have moved on. Discover the implications of this corporate shift and their potential effects on the Mortgage Industry.

Mortgage Rates on the Rise: Exploring Current Influencers

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"Rates for mortgage loans and bond yields continue to increase as job openings jumped higher than expected, highlighting a strong labor market. Discover what this means for private lenders and how it might affect your financal plans."

Real Estate Brokers React Proactively to Q4 Commission Lawsuits

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Realtors are preparing for the Commission lawsuits and redoubling their efforts to keep costs down and services up, according to the latest RealTrends BrokerPulse survey. Realtors are adding buyer representation agreements, training and bolstering consumer education. Private lenders can benefit from understanding how changing conditions are affecting business models. Get the key insights to stay ahead with RealTrends today!

CoStar Accuses Online Marketplace Tech of Trade Secret Theft by Former Homesnap Employees

2023-10-02T12:00:02-07:00loan servicing for private money lenders, private mortgage loan servicing companies|

This dispute between CoStar and former Homesnap employees focuses on the alleged theft of trade secrets. Learn what CoStar is accusing Homesnap of and its potential implications for the mortgage industry from an industry expert.

Mortgage Industry Expert Addresses NAR Departure of Redfin over Sexual Harassment Claims

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This letter offers insight into Redfin's commitment to agent rights and the National Association of Realtors' (NAR) mission. Read on for an expert summary of the implications of this decision for private lenders. Learn about Redfin's effort to provide agents a dignified work environment & how it affects the mortgage industry.

Home Prices and Mortgages Continue to Climb: Challenges Ahead

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This December, according to ICE, home prices are expected to grow an impressive 8% year-over-year if average seasonally adjusted prices in 2019 stay at 0.64% month-over-month. Discover how this forecast impacts private lenders and what it could mean for their bottom line.

Rithm to Buy Computershare Mortgage Services for $720M

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Real estate investors can now benefit from Rithm Capital Corp's acquisition of Computershare Mortgage Services Inc. for $720 million. Learn the details of how the purchase will benefit private lenders in this expert summary.

MoxiWorks Enhances Customer Interaction with Product Integration.

2023-09-29T14:06:44-07:00private mortgage servicing, private mortgage servicing companies|

Stay ahead of the game and learn how MoxiWorks just made it easier for private lenders to create and share presentations with its latest product integration. Learn how you can quickly and easily make engaging presentations without any hassle. Get the most out of your presentation today with MoxiWorks.

Borrowers Seeking Help in the Wake of Rising Mortgage Rates.

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"Rising mortgage rates have made it difficult to meet debt-to-income requirements for many potential homebuyers. Discover how private lenders can help these buyers reach their goals by adding a non-occupant co-borrower to the loan. Learn about the advantages and drawbacks of this approach today!"

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