RealScout Offers Seller Lead Nurture Support

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RealScout unveils major updates, giving home sellers & buyers a better experience. Partnership with Zillow helps harnesses the power of Machine Learning to the seller’s journey, offering unprecedented insights. Find ideal properties & get the most out of a home purchase with RealScout.

Veteran LO Patton Gade Joins UMortgage Team

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Patton Gade, the number one VA Mortgage Loan Officer of last year, is now at U Mortgage. His extensive experience provides a great opportunity for Private Lenders to get trustworthy and reliable mortgage advice. Get access to one of the top-ranking mortgage professionals and make informed decisions with confidence.

numbers Delinquencies on Mortgages Rise in Sept: ICE Data

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Private lenders should look to staying up-to-date on mortgage trends to ensure they remain resilient. "Learn about the potential risks to private lenders amid an ever-changing mortgage industry landscape. Get insight into what the latest trends in the mortgage markets means for your business strategies.”

Gifting Home Funds: A Unique Wedding Present Idea.

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Hear from The Knot Deputy Editor Esther Lee about the resurgence of 'Home Funds' as a popular wedding registry gift - a clever idea that gives newlyweds a unique home-buying boost. Get the lowdown with the latest real estate news from Weekly Real Estate News.

Connect Homes Opens Arizona Factory to Provide Prefab Housing

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Discover prefab housing solutions with Connect Homes. Learn more about their upcoming Arizona factory that will be able to manufacture up to 5,000 sq ft of housing each week - the perfect choice for private lenders.

Day 3 of Sitzer/Burnett Trial: Examining Collusion & Agent Training

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Help readers stay informed with this concise meta description: "Follow the legal showdown between private lenders & brokerages over buyer commission fees. Catch up on key testimony from 3 named plaintiffs & explore used training materials."

FHA Examining Rules for Mortgage Loan Assumptions, Willing to Consider Partial Claim Option.

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This industry-expert mortgage summary offers an in-depth analysis of the FHA's plans to adjust mortgage assumptions. Home prices have also risen drastically, making it difficult for borrowers to come up with the necessary funds. Using clinical and non-salesy language, explore this issue with an experienced mortgage source.

Mortgage Apps Drop as Rates Rise Sharply

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With mortgage rates continuing to soar across the nation, learn how private lenders can find a safe solution to manage their finances during these turbulent times. Get a concise summary of how the changing mortgage landscape affects private lenders – without breaking the bank.

Multigenerational Housing Demand Growing: 61% of ADUs Used for Family Accommodation.

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New & Improved Way To Access Affordable Housing: Multigenerational Living & ADUs. Learn how to take advantage of this to save on housing costs and make more income.

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