. Homebuilding Shows Positive Momentum

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Homebuilder confidence is at a 11-month high thanks to strong consumer demand, a dearth of existing inventory, and improved supply chain efficiency. Gain insight on the latest industry news, and find out why now is the optimal time for private lenders to take advantage of favorable mortgage conditions.

Below-Median Income Households Make Unexpected Homeownership Gains

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Family income households living below the national median are defying economic pressures to still achieve homeownership in the U.S. Learn how they are navigating through higher borrowing costs and home prices to realize the dream of becoming a homeowner.

Housing Markets: Fargo, Bergen County & 30A in FL Analyzed

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Altos Reports: Bergen County Home Selling Time at Its Lowest in 2020: Median Days On Market 56, Down From High of 84. Get the Latest Private Lender Banking Trends & News from an Industry Expert.

Ex-Employee Sues CrossCountry for Sexual Harassment and Retaliation.

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Discover the details of a former employee's accusations against a CrossCountry Mortgage branch manager in Georgia. Learn about sexual harassment allegations as well as recriminations for filing a complaint and how it affects private lenders. Get the facts today.

Comerica Bank to Exit Warehouse Lending

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"Dallas-based Comerica Bank is opting to exit the mortgage banker finance business following turbulence in the industry. Get the full story from an experienced mortgage industry expert and understand how this impacts private lenders."

Institutional SFR Market Ready for Upturn

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Get the private lender market scoop today. Discover what is driving the sudden surge in demand for private lenders in the first half of 2023. Learn how institutional buyers of SFR have been affected accordingly and what this means for the industry overall. Get the latest market insights today.

Lawmakers Discuss Rent Control as Agents Urge New Construction

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Massachusetts lawmakers are debating rent control measures, but the Massachusetts Association of Realtors is pushing for increased construction of housing. Learn more about the implications for private lenders in this timely industry news summary.

Inflation Slows as Shelter Costs Cool in May

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An in-depth analysis of the private lending industry, involving inflation and housing numbers from May 2021. Get insights on the smallest annual increase since March 2021, and learn why this is significant for your investments.

Guild Mortgage Rolls Out 1% Down Payment Option

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Guild Mortgage is helping buyers with down payment assistance. Get the competitive edge needed to secure a home in today's competitive market. Receive help covering down payments and closing costs with Guild Mortgage's programs. Find access to more opportunities in home-ownership.

Mortgage Rates Stifle Homeownership Dreams for Many Americans

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"Discover what Americans think about mortgage rates and entering the market! Get the latest findings from a new survey that will inform your strategy about private lenders. Learn why interest rates are an important factor for prospective buyers."

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