Guild Mortgage Acquires First Centennial Mortgage.

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Guild Mortgage, a retail lender, has acquired First Centennial Mortgage, a privately-held lender with 15 branches in 17 states. Guild's purchase will expand their presence in local markets, allowing for further growth in the purchase mortgage space. This acquisition benefits consumers with a larger selection of lenders in their local market and the ability todetermine the best option for their purchase mortgages.

Making Homeownership More Accessible to Diverse Groups

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Easily learn useful facts about Black homeownership rate with the help of our expert mortgage industry insights. "Gain insight into Black homeownership rate and understand the disparities between white, Asian, and Black households with the help of our mortgage industry expertise. Learn the facts you need to know to make informed decisions with useful industry insights from our experts."

AmeriFirst Financial, Mortgage Lender, Files for Bankruptcy

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AmeriFirst Financial Inc. recently filed for bankruptcy, just two months after re-launching its forward mortgage origination business. Learn how the financial industry has been impacted by this unexpected collapse and how it affects lenders both public and private. Get the inside scoop and find out what's next.

Homebuyers Have Experienced a Substantial Decrease in Buying Power Since 2022

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"Homebuyers across the country have seen their purchasing power dwindling due to rising mortgage rates. New data from Redfin illustrates the scale of the impact this is having. Explore this insight and understand the implications for private lenders."

Better’s Debut on Nasdaq Leads to Sharp Drop in Shares

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"Shares of Better Home & Finance Holding, the parent of digital lender, made a rocky debut on Nasdaq Thursday. Discover why investors were wary of the innovative fintech company and get expert insight into the rapidly growing online finance market."

Union Home Mortgage Accused of Illegally Terminating Pregnant Worker’s Job

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Understanding the depth of discrimination and the landmark ruling, Union Home Mortgage was recently denied sex discrimination claims made by a former employee who alleged she was fired while pregnant. An examination of the discrimination in the mortgage industry and the implications of the ruling.

Agents Succeed When They Get Smart About the Market: Tom Ferry

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Successful real estate agents are setting their sights on the future of the market, emphasizing the need to understand the current trends to best prepare for the upcoming years. Tom Ferry, the Founder of Tom Ferry International, spoke with us recently about his insights [...]

Thousands of Gov’t-Backed Mortgages at Risk Due to Maui Fire

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"HUD announced waivers to help Maui recover following thousands of mortgages being impacted. Learn how this could help Maui's citizens secure funding and receive much needed financial assistance."

Mortgage Rates Face Initial Stress Test: Will They Reach 8%?

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This article examines the financial factors at play when discussing the possibility of mortgage rates rising to 8%, based on the 10-year yield closing above 4.25%, and what this means for private lenders. Get the facts you need to determine how the rise in mortgage rates will affect your investments.

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