Fannie Mae Reports Robust $3.8B in Q1 Earnings

2023-05-02T12:51:41-07:00loan servicing for private money lenders, private mortgage servicing|

"Fannie Mae's 1st Quarter Earnings Reach New Highs - Find out how the US mortgage lender exceeded expectations by more than double, achieving a record $3.78B profit despite a dip in revenue. Private lenders take notice!"

Finastra and Snapdocs Collaborate to Support Trustmark eClosings

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Snapdocs and Finastra have partnered to offer Trustmark a cutting-edge digital closing platform to transform its eClose processes. With this integration, Trustmark customers can enjoy a frictionless signing experience and make the home buying process simpler and more secure. Get the most out of Trustmark's eClosing transformation by leveraging Snapdocs and Finastra's Mortgagebot LOS. Easier. Faster. Safer.

Maxwell Introduces Single Sign-On for Mortgage Lenders

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Maxwell helps lenders increase security & reduce data breaches risk with new SSO tool. Secure your data while easily connecting with other financial institutions & streamlining your private lending process. Trust in the fintech-backed institution trusted by Wells Fargo & Fin Capital.

in April Spring Inventory Increase Bolsters U.S. Housing Market

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"Buying a home this spring? Don't fret - the fear of not having an increase in housing inventory is unfounded. Mortgage industry expert provides reliable details on the latest market numbers and what it means for you."

Stay Informed: Federal Reserve Meeting Could Impact Mortgage Rates

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Stay informed about the impact the latest Federal Reserve meeting could have on your mortgage rates. Get the latest news & advice, plus tips on how to manage your finances now.

Impac Mortgage Holdings’ Common Stock Delisted from NYSE American

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Impac Mortgage Holdings' long-standing commitment to financial stability has been rewarded by the NYSE American, after they delisted the company's common stock. With years of experience in the residential lending space, Impac remains committed to integrity & stability.

Tavant Adds Automated Asset Verification to Lending Platform

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Tavant has unlocked a new feature for lenders using their platform: Automated Asset Verification. By streamlining the process, lenders can securely approve loan applicants faster & easier with confidence. Get the most out of your lending platform today!

Exploring Potential Impacts On Housing in the Near Future

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Explore what housing markets could look like in the future. Learn how factors such as economic trends, population growth, and governmental regulations can affect the value of residential properties. Discover how private lenders can plan for potential impacts.

Securing Successful Tenancy Through Low-Income Tenant Support

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"Need help keeping your rental property occupied with long-term, reliable tenants? Our Low-Income Tenant Support is here to help! Experienced advisors help ensure success for owners, landlords & tenants alike. Visit today to learn more."

Lightning Docs Releases Loan Modifications Module 2.0

2023-04-28T17:24:34-07:00private lender loan servicing, private mortgage loan servicing|

Lightning Docs has released Loan Modifications Module 2.0! Get the most reliable loan modification system in the business, now with more options to help private lenders. Make your loan modifications hassle-free and smoother than ever. Get started today!

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