AI’s Influence on Mortgage Sector

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An SEO meta description for private lenders that's interesting yet clinical and non-salesy: "Unlock the potential of a secure, streamlined mortgage process with Artificial Intelligence. Discover the practical uses of AI in the mortgage industry today and why it could be worth the wait."

Angel Oak Mortgage REIT issues Non-QM Securitization of $285M

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This summary from Angel Oak Mortgage REIT provides key insights into a recent $284.5 million non-QM securitization. Learn about the "inflection point" this transaction created for the company, and what it could mean for private lenders.

Summit Suzy Lindblom, Arc Home COO, to Speak at HW Annual Summit

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This 155-character meta description focuses on the benefits of attending HW Annual: Connect with professionals in the housing economy, learn how to grow, innovate, and win market share, & be part of the capstone mortgage event. Connect with industry experts & experience the power of learning at the most comprehensive mortgage event.

Housing Market Inventory on Summer Upturn

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Summer has brought with it an encouraging increase in housing inventory. Last week, the total active inventory rose by 8,886 homes, offering hope to prospective buyers and private lenders alike. Get up to date insights and know the best options available for your situation.

Loan Store introduces expedited Home Equity Line of Credit in Multiple States

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Get a HELOC in days, not weeks with low-rates and flexible repayment terms from TLS.

Is the Housing Market Recovery Complete?

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"Recent jumps in housing starts and builders' confidence suggest that the housing recession may have come to an end. Learn more about what this new trend means for private lenders and those interested in today's real estate market."

Figure Technologies Unveils Wholesale Lending Solution

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"Loan originators, now you have access to a unique and powerful HELOC offering from Figure Technologies - the Wholesale Lending Platform. Make financing options available to the private lender with this innovative tool from Figure Technologies."

Florida School District Develops Housing to Address Teacher Shortages

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This article explores how low-cost housing options for faculty and staff near certain schools can help solve the long-standing issue of high housing costs. Learn how school districts are addressing housing costs and creating a positive impact.

. Homebuilding Shows Positive Momentum

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Homebuilder confidence is at a 11-month high thanks to strong consumer demand, a dearth of existing inventory, and improved supply chain efficiency. Gain insight on the latest industry news, and find out why now is the optimal time for private lenders to take advantage of favorable mortgage conditions.

Below-Median Income Households Make Unexpected Homeownership Gains

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Family income households living below the national median are defying economic pressures to still achieve homeownership in the U.S. Learn how they are navigating through higher borrowing costs and home prices to realize the dream of becoming a homeowner.

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