An effective real estate recruitment process explained.

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This meta description offers valuable insight into optimizing the entire real estate ecosystem. Learn how to use exclusive tactics to attract the best talent in the mortgage industry and keep them engaged. Find out the power of understanding and optimizing every part of the real estate funnel without any dated industry news.

Q2 2023 Real Estate Team Achieves Financial Success Compared to Q1

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"Discover the surprising financial success of more than 200 real estate teams across the USA in the second quarter of 2023. Streamlined's Quarterly Team Benchmarking Report highlights the impressive performance of US real estate companies & individual agents, backed by years of success and specialized knowledge."

American Bank of Oklahoma Resolves Redlining Allegations with $1.5M Settlement.

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The American Bank of Oklahoma has recently reached a settlement with the Department of Justice after allegations of discriminatory redlining practices in the majority Black and Hispanic populated areas of Tulsa. Discover which areas of the city were affected and what steps the bank is taking to restore investment in these underserved communities.

The Benefits of Investing in Texas Real Estate

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"Discover the cities with the biggest migration inflows and outflows in the United States according to John Burns Real Estate Consulting Data. Learn which Texas cities come out on top, and uncover why Austin is an exception."

Boost Real Estate Web Traffic with Specificity

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This Meta Description For Private Lenders: Explore the benefits of patience in the mortgage industry with an expert look into the world of private lending. Learn how to use key tactics to maximize success with short- and long-term strategies for your investments.

Q2 Net Loss Widened to $45.5M Despite Better Reports

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Better saw strong growth in Q2 of 2020 with another increase in origination volume. With $900 million funded across 2,421 loans, lending activity was up compared to Q1 where $800 million across 2,347 loans was funded. Learn more about how the private lending industry has experienced growth.

Mortgage Rates Hinder Home Listings

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Discover the truth behind how recent higher mortgage rates have impacted new listings data. Uncover the surprising movements and impacts on new listings last week when the Fed spoke at Jackson Hole. Learn the effect purchase applications had and their possible connection to a decline in new data. Stay informed for the latest data and impact of higher mortgage rates.

Mortgage Rates Reach New High Above 7%

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"Mortgage rates have risen yet again last week as the bond market strives to keep up with a growing economy in the lead up to the next Federal Open Market Committee meeting. Keep abreast of how mortgage rates are responding and find out what it could mean for your loan."

Better’s Debut on Nasdaq Leads to Sharp Drop in Shares

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"Shares of Better Home & Finance Holding, the parent of digital lender, made a rocky debut on Nasdaq Thursday. Discover why investors were wary of the innovative fintech company and get expert insight into the rapidly growing online finance market."

Rapattoni’s MLS Services Resume After Cyber Attack

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Rapattoni MLS Software Security Breach Overcome: Software Back Online for Private Lenders. After a crippling cyber attack earlier this month, Rapattoni, the multiple listings service software provider is back operational in multiple markets. Get the details on the security breach & how privacy & safety of private lender data is ensured.

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