Three Methods to Assist Borrowers with Decision-Making in the Resurgence of ‘Exotic’ Loans

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"Enhance your clientele's mortgage journey by modernizing the shopping experience. Propel to long-term success by adapting today's innovative lending strategies."

NAR Incorporates IRAR Trust Company into Realtor Benefits Program

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"Explore NAR's partnership with IRAR Trust Company offering discounted self-directed IRAs & solo 401(k) accounts to members, family, and association staff."

Final Discussions Conclude as Sitzer Jury Preps for Deliberations in Mortgage Case

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"Uncover the latest developments in the Sitzer Burnett commission lawsuit. Verdict awaited after closing argument; impactful insights for private lenders."

Five strategies to attract a higher number of mortgage borrowers

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"Discover the top five strategies required to enhance your business in the mortgage industry. Learn how time and experience can shape the preferences of your borrowers. Explore now."

The Essentials of Power of Attorney for Empowering Real Estate Agents

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"Explore the importance and process of a Power of Attorney in the mortgage industry. Learn how it grants one individual the power to act on another's behalf."

Bay Area Residents Get Help Staying in Homes with New Platform

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An innovative new platform is helping Bay Area residents stay in their homes through a regional approach, and private lenders can be part of the solution. Stay Housed Bay Area offers a comprehensive resource center for families in need. Learn more today.

U-Haul Joins Forces With Moved to Expand Reach to Multifamily Property Owners

2023-10-27T12:31:17-07:00private lender servicing|

Discover how U-Haul teams up with Moved to create innovative strategies to support the multifamily sector. Find out how both sides benefit and what this could mean for the future of the real estate industry.

, boosting its market share Compass Expands to Colorado with 4 Teams

2023-10-27T09:36:36-07:00private money loan servicing, private mortgage servicing|

Discover how four Colorado teams have become part of Compass Home, a mortgage industry leader in the region. See what this development could mean for the local housing market and private lending opportunities.

Gov’t Urges Increase in Commercial-to-Residential Property Conversions

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Create a meta description that reads: "This federal initiative could be a game-changer for private lenders looking to increase housing affordability. Learn how commercial-to-residential property conversions could revolutionize the industry today."

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