Do Reverse Mortgages Offer Untapped Retirement Potential?

2024-03-22T12:46:26-07:00loan servicing for private money lenders, private lender servicing|

Discover why more financial advisors are considering reverse mortgages and the challenges they face in educating borrowers in the mortgage industry.

Introducing Kaplan’s New Buyer Agency Professional Designation

2024-03-22T11:57:58-07:00private lender loan servicing, private mortgage servicing|

Discover the BAP designation, a new professional standard in the mortgage industry. Click to learn more about the required online course.

Simplifying Business Purpose Lending Rules for Private Lenders on Residential Real Estate

2024-03-22T10:04:34-07:00loan servicing private lenders, private lender servicing|

Informative summary about licensing rules for private lenders in Business Purpose Lending secured by residential real estate. Myth-busting facts for private lenders.

Southwest Florida sees unique market with rising insurance costs and ample inventory

2024-03-22T08:27:56-07:00private loan servicing company, private mortgage servicing|

Stay informed on the latest news in the mortgage industry. Agents remain optimistic despite the slower housing market. Learn more here.

Compass resolves commission lawsuits with $57.5 million settlement

2024-03-22T05:54:38-07:00loan servicing for private money lenders, private mortgage loan servicing companies|

Learn about the recent changes in business practices for Compass, RE/MAX, Anywhere, and Keller Williams as they settle commission lawsuits. Ideal for private lenders.

Regulators Urged to Investigate Equifax’s Work Number for High Costs

2024-03-22T05:15:28-07:00loan servicing private lenders, private loan servicing company|

Stay informed on the latest industry news as CHLA advocates for reasonable costs for Equifax electronic employment verifications in the mortgage sector.

Decrease of 29.3% in Flipped Home Sales Raises Concerns

2024-03-21T13:14:07-07:00loan servicing for private money lenders, loan servicing private lenders|

Discover insights into the current state of flipped home sales and how FHA loans are impacting the market. Read on to stay informed in the real estate industry.

Dispelling myths surrounding the NAR settlement

2024-03-20T13:04:47-07:00private mortgage loan servicing companies, private mortgage servicing companies|

Stay informed on the latest news in the mortgage industry, including debunking myths surrounding home prices and transactions. Trusted insights for private lenders.

Lending association awards recognition to reverse mortgage vendors

2024-03-20T12:44:24-07:00private lender loan servicing, private money loan servicing|

LoanPASS and Mortgage Cadence technologies highlighted for their innovative solutions in the reverse mortgage industry.

NAR responds to Biden’s assertion about Realtors’ impact on home prices

2024-03-21T08:26:17-07:00loan servicing private lenders, private mortgage loan servicing companies|

Learn about how the National Association of Realtors is responding to Biden's concerns about home prices. Read more in this insightful industry news update.

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