in business Housing Market Reinvigorated Despite Unhealthy Conditions

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"The housing market is in trouble, according to the latest existing home sales numbers. One key gauge, Days on Market, is at a dangerously low level, suggesting a grim outlook. With no apparent end in sight, private lenders need to be aware of the current state of the market."

FHFA Bi-Merge Credit Transition Challenges ‘Immense’ – Housing Orgs Weigh In.

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"17 housing organizations are calling on the FHFA to grant more time for the bi-merge credit transition to address existing difficulties. Get the full story from a Mortgage Industry expert about the implications for private lenders."

Lessons from Homepoint & The Loan Store’s Future: Phil Shoemaker’s Insight

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An experienced mortgage expert, Shoemaker shares advice for any mature private lender looking to grow and optimize their model. Through this informative discussion, discover the current trends and strategies that are setting the benchmark in the industry for success.

Is the Housing Market Recovery Complete?

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"Recent jumps in housing starts and builders' confidence suggest that the housing recession may have come to an end. Learn more about what this new trend means for private lenders and those interested in today's real estate market."

Truist Names David Smith Next Head of Mortgage Business

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David Smith is an experienced mortgage industry specialist offering expertise in mortgage lending, insurance and title services. With over 15 years of professional experience, he is a dependable asset for both private and corporate clients looking for comprehensive and reliable mortgage solutions.

Ex-Employee Sues CrossCountry for Sexual Harassment and Retaliation.

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Discover the details of a former employee's accusations against a CrossCountry Mortgage branch manager in Georgia. Learn about sexual harassment allegations as well as recriminations for filing a complaint and how it affects private lenders. Get the facts today.

Many Mortgage Pros Live Paycheck-to-Paycheck: Study Finds

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Take control of your finances and navigate the financial markets with expert advice from private lenders. Make smart decisions and secure a successful financial future today.

Institutional SFR Market Ready for Upturn

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Get the private lender market scoop today. Discover what is driving the sudden surge in demand for private lenders in the first half of 2023. Learn how institutional buyers of SFR have been affected accordingly and what this means for the industry overall. Get the latest market insights today.

Guild Mortgage Rolls Out 1% Down Payment Option

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Guild Mortgage is helping buyers with down payment assistance. Get the competitive edge needed to secure a home in today's competitive market. Receive help covering down payments and closing costs with Guild Mortgage's programs. Find access to more opportunities in home-ownership.

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